12 Women Share Their Favorite Creative Date Night Ideas & Your Mind Will Be Blown

by Candice Jalili

You can only get dinner and drinks so many times before the standard go-to date starts to get a little boring and old. But what else is there to do?! OK, I guess you can Netflix and chill, but, hey, that's not much of a step up as far as I'm concerned. A recent Reddit AskWomen thread asked ladies to share their most creative date night ideas. You better get your note pads out because these are awesome.

Find a '90s cover band near you.
There is a 90s/early 2000s cover band that frequents my area. I love to take people to go see them. Everyone always starts out 'ugh, pop music is soooo cheesy!' But then I catch them humming 'I Want It That Way' and we work our way up to belting out Britney Spears at the top of our lungs.


Take a dance class.
I live near a club downtown that has swing dancing nights once a week. It's $5 per person to get in (or $10, if they have their monthly live music). If you show up a half-hour early, you get to take a dance class for no extra charge. And the area is full of old buildings, fascinating antique shops, and street musicians. Dressing snazzy, taking that class, dancing together, then going for a walk afterwards, exploring the shops, listening to the music, and getting some ice cream would be my dream date.
Problem is, I've only been there on a date once, and it was with someone who managed to suck all of the fun out of it.


Explore the local art scene.
To me, anything involving art. Going to galleries, museums, the ballet, the symphony. Then picking up food, going home, eating and having sex under candlelight. To my husband, going hiking, to a soccer match or to pretty much any other sporting event, then picking up food, going home, eating and having sex with the lights on.
We alternate.


Play some board games.
Had a date yesterday that consisted of board games, playing badminton, and then grabbing dinner.
Planned to add a walk and possibly pool/snooker afterwards, but we were both exhausted so saving it for next time!


Go for a lovely stroll.
A walk around the neighborhood followed by dinner and all the snuggles humanly possible.


Grab a bite to eat at a dive bar.
My absolute favorite date is dinner at a local dive (that has a great burger) and a walk afterwards where we just talk. Either just at that part of fall where it starts to get crisp or a summer night, in the 70s, with no humidity. That is all I need.


Make pancakes together.
My boyfriend and I both love breakfast food and we’ve started doing DIY pancakes. We’ll buy chocolate chips, berries, Reese’s Pieces etc, go home and put our big pancake griddle on the table, sit at either end of it, and make our own pancakes together. It’s fun to laugh at bad pours, trying to make the perfect pancake, and making fun shapes/characters/objects out of them.


Catch a burlesque show.
I like a burlesque show with a date I know well. They’re a little naughty, a lot hilarious and the performers are usually just hobbyists who make their own costumes and like to dance. They seem to be doing it for the joy of performing instead of for cash to pay the rent.


Find a free outdoor event near you.
I like to find a free/cheap outdoor event (aka a local play or city symphony concert) and go to the store with my SO to pick out picnic supplies, then set up a picnic in lawn seating! You get culture and something to talk about, it's in an open space so you don't have to be quiet the whole time, and picking out the picnic food is its own fun adventure.


Take a class.
Learning something together! About wine, art, some type of dance, a sport -- just something new and fun.


Go for a kayak ride.
A couple hours on the river in a kayak. Tandem kayak, so he does the work and I man the snacks and booze.


Have your very own "scratcher" date.
We go on ‘scratcher’ dates. Drive to any gas station and buy 20$ worth of scratch off tickets. The 1$ ones. You each get 10.
The rules are you can’t scratch them at the gas station you bought them from. You gotta drive to the next station and cash in your winnings by buying more scratchers. Do this until youre broke or a millionaire.
We once had a good solid 3 hours of this. It’s fun and you’re only out 20$ in the end.


All right, now grab your BAE and get ready for the BEST. DATE. EVER.

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