5 Low-Key Date Ideas For Those Sweatpants, Hair Tied, Chillin' With No Makeup Nights

Javier Díez, Stocksy

While there are plenty of fancy activities to do on a date, sometimes it's nice to kick back with your significant other and do something a little more casual for date night. There a lot of low-key date ideas that aren't just browsing until you find something you agree on on Netflix — some involve a little bit of creativity that will give you both the added spark to freshen up your routine. Between the hustle and bustle of your daily lives, it can be understandably difficult to find new and creative ways to keep dates exciting — maybe the easiest thing can be to just pick your favorite local restaurant or bar and spend a night there.

But for a cost-effective, chiller time, you and your SO may want to consider a low-key date at home. These activities will save you money, time, and you won't have to travel when the date is "over," since you'll already be at your end-of-night destination. Additionally, you don't have to worry about PDA since you'll be in the comforts and privacy of your own space. So once in a while, choose a low-key date to spend quality time with your partner without the fuss of a more glam night out.

Exchange books for the other to read.

If it's good enough for Noah Centineo, it's good enough for us. The To All The Boys I've Loved Before star recently said in an interview that his best date was exchanging books with someone, and they read together for hours. Sounds like the perfect night in and low-key date. After you finish each other's books, you can discuss your opinions on the stories for a small and exclusive book club for two.

Cook dinner together.

If you two are fans of cooking your own meals, plan a low-key night with a few new recipes you're interested in trying out. Go through those cookbooks you have laying around that you always swear you're going to dig into. (I'm guilty of this too!) Grocery shopping with an SO is always a fun time, so you'll enjoy the prep beforehand of picking out your menu items. Or, feel free to go the peanut butter and jelly or grilled cheese route if you two are less skilled in the kitchen.

Listen to a new podcast over takeout.

You're both into true crime and haven't dug into Serial yet? Or you're pop culture fanatics wanting to go through Keep It! or Who? Weekly? Use a date night to catch up on podcasts together and order in from your favorite Seamless or Postmates delivery place.

Meditate together.

Use your date night as some time to reset together. Practice meditation, breathing techniques, and maybe even some yoga to unwind after maybe a stressful week. You'll enjoy getting to a more zen space with your partner, as well as just being more relaxed afterward in general. Not sure where to start? Check out Headspace, a meditation app.

Create an at-home spa night.

Love the feeling of fresh nails, a face mask, and massage, but too strapped for cash to stop at a salon? Kill two birds with one stone by combining a much-needed night of relaxation with your partner and save the cash for other necessities instead. Paint each other's nails, wear face masks (cheap ones here), and plop some cucumbers on your tired eyes.

The key to keeping things fresh in any relationship is switching things up and not getting too tired up in a routine. So wind down, enjoy a low-key night, then go back to your fancy nights the rest of the week if that's more your style.

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