10 Lazy Tweaks That Majorly Upgrade Your Date Night From Blah To Brilliant

Spending time with your love can be as easy as spending time alone when you're really on the same wavelength. Sometimes, though, that can mean that you fall into a pattern of doing the same things on dates. When you're comfortable with your partner and happy staying in to watch Netflix, it can be hard to think of new date ideas that aren't boring. Don't fret if you feel like you're doing the same things over and over. There are some seriously easy and affordable tweaks you can make to your usual dates to make them unforgettable.

Sometimes all it takes is hunting for a deal on a wine tasting that would cost as much as a night of drinks at your favorite bar. Planning and researching randomly amazing things like a hot-air balloon festival coming to a town near you can make for a memorable night and remind you why you love spending so much time with your person. Whether you surprise your partner by returning to the place that you met, or returning to the place of your first date, adding creativity to your date planning can make your sweetheart feel extra loved.

If you always go to bars...

Try a wine tasting!

Like I said, it's not always about spending extra money dates. Right now on Groupon, wine tasting tickets are ranging from $15 to $40 a person, which could be similar to your bill after a night out. Tasting can feels little more interactive than a bar, where you're just sitting and talking to each other.

If always watch Netflix...

Try a drive-in movie theater.

No one is above a good Netflix and chill night, but instead of ordering pizza and staying in for the third night this week, consider taking the movie outside. I don't mean to your local movie theater — try a drive-in! Drive-ins can be so romantic when the sun is setting and you've made your car all cozy with blankets and pillows. Plus, a car provides a lot more privacy than just a movie theater. The movie is far from the best part of it.

If you like to go on walks together...

Try a roller-skating rink.

We all love a good walk in the park or around the neighborhood. Something that can really up the level of fun while still getting some exercise together is taking your walk on wheels. Whether you both have a dusty pair of roller-skates somewhere that you can break out or you head to your local rollerskating rink, it's truly a nostalgic date that can remind you of how much fun you both have together.

If you always order take-out...

Take a cooking class together.

Ordering takeout is really nice on rainy days or days when you both are just too busy to cook dinner. If you have the time, though, why not try something new together? Taking a cooking class could be a fun alternative to ordering your favorite takeout and the price could be comparable when you consider delivery fees. You could even take a class on the your favorite meal to order in together, which could be fun and become something you love to cook together in the future.

If you love working out together...

Sign up for a fun run!

If you're a couple that loves to work out together, there's totally a way to up the level of fun. There are so many different adventurous races out there and some of them even benefit charitable causes. If you're a couple that already likes to exercise together, it could be exciting to research a fun run together and then train for it. You could find anything from an obstacle course race, undie race (yes it is what it sounds like), or even a zombie race where you literally run from zombies! Nothing says romance like running from the undead together.

If you like to read together at a coffee shop...

Go see your favorite author read their work.

Honestly, as far as dates go, reading together at a coffee shop is pretty cute and doesn't seem like it could get much better. Maybe that's my inner bookworm coming out, but it can get even better. If you live in or near a big city, your local bookstore might have events featuring authors reading from their latest works. You could even find a new author and read their book together before they come to town!

If you like to do sleepovers on the weekend...

Find an interesting Airbnb to stay in for one night.

We all love a good sleep over at our partner's place. But if you have a free weekend, why not level up? Airbnb always has great one-night options, and there's probably a pretty cool place to stay near you. Take a mini road trip together and stop at neat places like apple orchards or pumpkin patches along the way.

If you like to go see movies together...

Consider seeing a play or musical.

If you are a movie theater couple, there's something to be said about enjoying art together. This time around, check out what is going on at your local community theater. There's bound to be something showing sooner or later and you could get dressed up for the occasion.

If you always like to go out to dinner...

Visit a planetarium.

It's a quiet, calm environment where you can sit next to each other and learn about the stars. What's better than that? Not saying you shouldn't also go out to dinner, but what a great pairing when it comes to doing something seriously romantic.

If you like to have friends over for a game night...

Do an escape room or create a scavenger hunt.

It's so fun when you and your partner have a group of friends to hang out with. It's easy to fall into a pattern of nights out at the same bars or your regular stay-in game night. Next time you all want to hang out try out an escape room or create your own scavenger hunt!

These are just a few ways to totally upgrade your date nights with a new partner or your sweetheart that you've been with for years. Your go-to dates are definitely times to create lasting memories but something like a hot-air balloon festival is a night you're bound to remember forever.

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