A young woman poses for a selfie in front of a white wall in the middle of summer.

36 Instagram Story Captions For Selfies & Serving The Sweetest #Looks

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The beauty of Instagram stories is that you can post something without thinking about your feed, planning an elaborate photo shoot in your home, or even tracking down the right filter. They're more spontaneous than that, and are meant for capturing your new outfit right after you've tried it on or your morning coffee in real time. For those specific posts, you'll need Instagram story captions for selfies and serving #looks on social media.

These captions may be shorter than the ones you typically go for, since they'll be layered over your pic or casually tucked into the corner of the screen. They may complement a GIF you want to use from the app's big library of GIFs that's built right in for your enjoyment and use. They may also include a pun or a signal to your crush that they should totally slide into your DMs. Not to mention, they may highlight the tie-dye crewneck you're trying to show off, or the bright beam of sunlight shining through your window that deserves a shoutout on the 'Gram.

Once you pick one out that fits the vibe you're going for with your selfie, you'll want to choose a font within Instagram stories for it to be written in. A flirty caption may call for the "Strong" font, while one with a cup of coffee may look better in 'Typewriter." Take a look at these captions for Instagram story selfies and tap into your artsy side. Put together the perfect post and serve the sweetest #looks on social media.

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1. "The queen of taking selfies."

2. "More love and sunshine."

3. "The lighting was good."

4. "But first, selfies."

5. "Please text me. Thanks."

6. "Hanging out on the Internet."

7. "Bored, but feeling beautiful."

8. "I am still very cute, just to keep you updated."

9. "Sending my selfie to NASA."

10. "Make them stop tapping and stare."

11. "Now taking suggestions for afternoon snacks."

12. "My hairstyle is called 'I tried.'"

13. "Messy bun and getting nothing done."

14. "In the sweetest mood."

15. "New outfit, who dis."

16. "My mood depends on how good my hair looks."

17. "The happiest selfie on your feed today."

18. "Whatever sprinkles your doughnuts."

19. "Take a selfie anyway."

20. "Make yourself proud every day."

21. "Morning coffee with a side order of looks."

22. "There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy."

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23. "I'm on doughnut disturb mode."

24. "Go ahead and steal a pizza my heart."

25. "Squeeze the day, people!"

26. "Another selfie? Oh, kale yeah."

27. "Relationship status: waiting for someone to slide into my DMs."

28. "Step into the daylight."

29. "Adding taking selfies to the special skills part of my resumé."

30. "Be proud of how far you've come."

31. "I have no idea what I'm doing, but that's OK."

32. "Today is pretty magical."

33. "Going with the idea that nothing can stop me from taking another selfie."

34. "Totally rad selfies up ahead."

35. "Big things are coming."

36. "Be the energy you want to attract."