A young woman sits on a rock in the middle of a desert filled with succulents.

36 Insta Captions For Succulents & The Sweet Plant Pals In Your Life

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Sprucing up your space this summer means rushing to your local garden store and buying all the succulents you can find. Granted, your kitchen windowsill may not be able to fit every cactus you lay your heart eyes on. If you need to bring some of your new plant buds into another room, you'll gladly do so, and then properly show them off on social media using one of these Instagram captions for succulents.

Like your real-life BFFs, your flower friends and petal pals require a post on your feed. That way, the world knows they exist and that they're a big part of your life. Your succulents are there when you're watching videos on YouTube and cooking dinner, and again when you fall asleep at night after snuggling up in bed and watching a movie on Netflix. When you're getting ready in the morning, they're hanging out with you, too, and are a lovely reminder to look sharp even if you're working from home.

Your cacti and cute potted plants have a way of brightening up a room and making it feel alive. You'll do your best to water your seedlings on time, and give them the nourishment they need in the days to follow. For now, though, you'll show them off on Instagram with one of these 36 captions for succulents.

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1. "You're looking really sharp."

2. "Say hello to my little succulent friends."

3. "My life would totally succ without you."

4. "I guess I'm a succulent mom now."

5. "'You have too many succulents,' said no one ever."

6. "Another day, another succulent purchase."

7. "Can't keep my plants to myself."

8. "Slowly turning my kitchen into a succulent-filled desert."

9. "Cactus makes perfect."

10. "I promise I'll never forget to water you."

11. "Sorry, I can't. I'm hanging with my plants."

12. "I've never met a succulent I didn't like."

13. "You're pretty fly for a little cacti."

14. "I'm now taking name suggestions for my new succulent."

15. "I found my happy place. It's filled with succulents."

16. "I might like plants more than people."

17. "Tiny succulent alert!"

18. "Planting this beauty on my feed."

19. "Home is where the succulents are."

20. "It's not easy being so tiny and green."

21. "Just another succulent appreciation post."

22. "Oh, the places you will grow."

23. "I'm so glad I pricked you."

24. "TBH, I think there's still room in here for more succulents."

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25. "I like to take long walks down the succulent aisle."

26. "Big plant mom energy."

27. "Go wherever the succulents are."

28. "Slow mornings and succulents, babe."

29. "If you take a selfie with your succulents, is it called a face plant?"

30. "I think I'll just stay in this succulent-filled haven for a while."

31. "Welcome to the succulent jungle."

32. "Be honest, have I bought too many succulents?"

33. "Imagine if you could take every single one of these succulents home..."

34. "Got a new plant friend today, so it's safe to say it's been good."

35. "More escapes into the desert, please."

36. "Dessert with a side of desert-like beings."