An apple cider slushie sits in a mason jar on a tablecloth with crisp apples.

These IG Captions For Apple Cider Slushies Are Super A-peel-ing

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When you're visiting your nearby orchard, you might look for samples of the latest batch of cider, and peruse each and every menu for apple cider slushies. If you just ordered one of these seasonal drinks and are sipping it while you prep a social media post, scroll through these Instagram captions for apple cider slushies and see if there's one that looks a-peel-ing to you.

Odds are, you'll find one that describes the crisp and refreshing nature of an apple cider slushie, and a couple more to jot down in a note on your phone. Each has the unique flavors of the beverage in mind, as well as what fall activities you may enjoy — like walking around a corn maze, shopping at a market, and picking pumpkins — while holding a mason jar in your hands. Even if you're just taking a fall walk with your partner in your neighborhood and daydreaming about the slushie you may have later, there's an IG caption that's as satisfying as stepping on a crunchy leaf for you.

The truth of the matter is, it's not hard to create satisfying moments or memories in the fall. From the perfect bite of an apple, to the containers that are filled to the brim with doughnuts, it's a season that's comforting and welcoming at its apple core. Let one of these captions for your apple cider slushie add to the autumnal bliss, and create something a-peel-ing on your feed.

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1. "This apple cider slushie is hardcore."

2. "You're the apple cider slushie of my eye."

3. "I can stop posting about apple cider slushies whenever I want to."

4. "Mirror, mirror on the wall. What's the most fall drink of them all?"

5. "Some drinks just taste like fall."

6. "There's nothing a little apple cider slushie can't fix."

7. "So, I just found out that apple cider slushies exist..."

8. "Even my apple cider is iced."

9. "Taking a break from my pumpkin spice lattes to try this."

10. "I would definitely recommend this apple cider slushie to a friend."

11. "Three words: apple cider slushie."

12. "Did you even go to the orchard if you didn't try the apple cider slushie?"

13. "Slushie sips, or it didn't happen."

14. "Apple cider slushies all around."

15. "It's fall and apple cider slushie season, y'all."

16. "Every day, I'm slushie-ing."

17. "With this apple cider slushie, I'm officially declaring myself a food blogger."

18. "Making an apple cider slushie. How about you?"

19. "I'm going to live apple-y ever after with this slushie."

20. "Apple cider slushies will leaf me smiling every time."

21. "Well, would you look at the time. It's apple cider slushie o'clock."

22. "An apple cider slushie in one hand, an actual apple in the other."

23. "Step aside, pumpkin spice lattes. There's a new fall drink in town."


24. "Getting in the spirit of fall with this slushie."

25. "Drinking all the fall things."

26. "Not your average cup of apple cider."

27. "She's cold, and beautiful in every way."

28. "Stay tuned for my very own apple cider slushie recipe."

29. "Pumpkin picking wouldn't be complete without a slushie."

30. "More cider slushies and corn mazes, please!"

31. "An apple cider slushie a day keeps winter away."

32. "Can I start you off with a fall beverage?"

33. "Serving baskets of fresh produce and apple cider slushies."

34. "I'll happily stick my straw into that."

35. "Taking life one sip at a time."

36. "My favorite fall activity is sipping apple cider slushies."

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