Two pink wine slushies sit on a table with floral straws stuck in them.

34 IG Captions For Wine Slushies & The Berry Delicious Posts On Your Feed

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Wine slushies exist, and they're pretty much an adult version of the slushies you had at summer camp back in the day. They're usually made with fruit, your favorite white, pink, or red wine, and a bit of sugar. Whether you're trying your first one right now, or have sipped on these delicacies for the past few months, you need a couple of clever Instagram captions for wine slushies and the berry delicious posts you'll be making soon.

You may be thinking, "No, I'm not going to post on Instagram this time." But, this drink will challenge that thought from the minute you pour it. It's so Instagram-worthy because it's colorful and usually topped off with a fun straw. If you're mixing one up for yourself at home, you've likely stuck a spearmint leaf into a pile of strawberry slices on the top of your glass, or slipped a slice of lemon along the rim.

You can't let yummy details like those go unnoticed and unappreciated. Instead, you should pose with your wine slushie in your backyard while you simultaneously hang out in a hammock. After grabbing a few photos in that position, you then need to place your wine slushie next to a bowl of fresh fruit on a woven placemat where it can be photographed for the 'gram. When you're taking those pics, you may want to use effects such as Portrait Mode to feel like a true food influencer or blogger.

The final step will be to upload your final photo to Instagram along with a caption that captures the tastiness of your drink. Here are a bunch so you can stick to the photography and berry delicious sips.

1. "Ask me about my wine slushie."

2. "Summer may be over, but my love for wine slushies isn't."

3. "This wine slushie is berry delicious."

4. "Good things come in grape packages."

5. "When your friends plan a virtual happy hour, you have to make a wine slushie."

6. "Alexa, pour me another wine slushie."

7. "So, I had a bottle of wine and a blender..."

8. "Have you ever seen anything as tasty as this?"

9. "Weekends are for hanging out with wine slushies."

10. "It's wine slushie time."

11. "I'm outdoorsy. I drink wine slushies on my patio."

12. "Let's go taste wine slushies on the couch."

13. "Today I'm working nine to wine (slushie)."

14. "Here are the wine slushies we loved."

15. "It's wine slushie o'clock somewhere."

16. "Time to wine down and have a slushie."

17. "Please meet my partner in wine slushies."

18. "Stop and sip the wine slushie."

19. "I just want to sip on this wine slushie and pet my dog."

20. "The rules of happy hour: wine slushie a little, laugh a lot."

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21. "Making an apple cider wine slushie. How about you?"

22. "Love the wine slushie you're with."

23. "This is my kind of winery. They have wine slushies."

24. "I'm dreaming of a wine slushie and a backyard hang."

25. "Not your average glass of blueberry wine."

26. "I would rate this wine slushie a 10 out of 10. I'd totally sip on this again."

27. "Uncork, blend, and then relax."

28. "Will you accept this rosé blended with fruit and sugar?"

29. "Wine slushies pair nicely with good friends."

30. "Do I want another wine slushie? Yes way, rosé!"

31. "It's been decided. Wine slushies are my new favorite drink."

32. "Shoutout to TikTok for teaching me how to make a wine slushie."

33. "The prettiest drink of the whole winery."

34. "Just leave the delicious posts to me."

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