Apple's new iPhone SE for 2020 features the company's ultra-fast A13 Bionic chip.

Apple’s New $400 iPhone Features An Upgraded Camera With Portrait Mode

On Wednesday, April 15, Apple surprised its customers with the release of its most affordable new iPhone to date. Apple's new iPhone SE for 2020, which boasts features like the tech giant's fast A13 Bionic chip and Portrait Mode, will be retailing for a starting price of $399 when it comes to stores. Starting on Friday, April 17, customers can pre-order the second generation of Apple's iPhone SE along with a free year of Apple TV Plus.

The smart phones, which will officially ship out on Friday, April 24, include the $399 64GB model, as well as a slightly more expensive $449 128GB model and a $549 256GB model. The new iPhone SE will be available in black, white, and red, and all sales from the (PRODUCT RED) will go towards the COVID-19 Global Fund. All versions of the new iPhone SE will come with EarPods with a lightning connector.

While Apple diehards might recognize the design of the 4.7-inch Retina HD display and the home button with Touch ID from the iPhone 8, which the company officially retired on April 15, many of its features are more in-line with the cutting edge technology that fans have come to expect from the iPhone 11 and other newer smartphone models.

For example, the new iPhone SE will feature the ultra-fast A13 Bionic (which Apple has dubbed the fastest chip in a smartphone), which the company recently introduced in its iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. In addition, Apple's newest smartphone also builds upon its focus on improving camera capabilities, even with a single-camera design.


Thanks to its A13 Bionic chip, the iPhone SE will be able to use smart HDR photography and technology to improve the quality and tone of images and video while also using "monocular depth sensing" to allow users to use Portrait Mode from both front and back-facing cameras. It also means shooting high-quality video will be easier than ever on the new device, which boasts QuickTake video features to let you quickly take video without leaving the photo platform. In addition, the iPhone SE will support higher-quality takes (up to 4K video at 60fps) and enhanced stereo sound.

While the new iPhone SE's battery won't look any different than that of the iPhone 8, it's likely the new device will have improved battery life due to its A13 chip. In addition, the smartphone will support accelerated charging (the company says you will be able to fuel it up to 50 percent in just half an hour) as well as wireless charging capabilities.

Customers who pre-order the device when it launches for pre-sale on Friday, April 17 can expect it to arrive as early as April 24, meaning that you could be test driving the newest iPhone in just a few weeks.