St. Patrick's Day 2021 Instagram Captions

35 St. Patrick's Day 2021 Instagram Captions For At-Home Shenanigans


It's time to shake your shamrocks, because St. Patrick's Day is here. Your plans this year may include virtually partying with your friends while wearing a green #OOTD, or watching a movie with your roomies. Whatever shenanigans you have planned, you'll need some St. Patrick's Day 2021 Instagram captions in order to post your fave moments on your feed.

Since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends you celebrate the holidays only with the people you live with, you're planning to stay home this year. That's fine since you already have plenty of parade pics and green beer selfies at your fave bar from years past. Instead, this is a chance to do something different and Insta-worthy on March 17. For instance, you could challenge yourself to put together the ultimate green charcuterie board to snack on while watching a throwback movie, like The Luck of the Irish on Disney+. A spread that gorgeous must be posted to the 'gram for all your foodie friends to see with a festive St. Patrick's Day caption.

You could even throw a dance party over Zoom. You just need to create the same party playlist for everyone to listen to, and snap a screenshot when everyone's in the groove. Think of this whole experience as an opportunity to do something you would have never thought to do before. With these 35 St. Patrick's Day captions ready to go, you have one less thing to plan.

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1. "It ain't clover till it's clover."

2. "Can't pinch this."

3. "Who needs luck when you're this cute?"

4. "I leprechaun party whenever I want to."

5. "Virtually shamrockin' this year."

6. "Cutest clover in the patch."

7. "Welcome to the virtual paddy."

8. "This is the best St. Patrick's Day ever. Don't you agreen?"

9. "She's so lucky, she's a star." — Britney Spears, "Lucky"

10. "Does this outfit make me look like I'm celebrating St. Patrick's Day?"

11. "Felt cute. Might paddy more later."

12. "Gettin' jiggy wit it." — Will Smith, "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It"

13. "Zero lucks were given."

14. "I believe the shenanigans have already started."

15. "This is my lucky charm right here."

16. "Irish we could celebrate all together."

17. "A wee bit goes a long way."


18. "Just remember, I pinch back."

19. "Lucky, blessed, and all the rest."

20. "You're so golden." — Harry Styles, "Golden"

21. "Currently, somewhere over the rainbow."

22. "I must be lucky to have a crew like this."

23. "The category is... green!"

24. "Say you're true, say to me. C'est la vie." — B*Witched, "C'est La Vie"

25. "This is how you shake your shamrocks."

26. "If I was the CEO of McDonald's, I would make Shamrock Shakes available all year long."

27. "It's not easy being green." — Kermit

28. "On St. Patrick's Day, we wear green."

29. "The paddy don't start till I walk in."

30. "Oh, I thought you said, 'Take a pitcher, it'll last longer.'"

31. "And they'll tell you now, you're the lucky one." — Taylor Swift, "The Lucky One"

32. "It’s St. Patrick’s Day, for Guinness sake!"

33. "I leprechaun't even right now."

34. "Luck's got nothing to do with it."

35. "Whatever you do, may the luck of the Irish be there with you."