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30 St. Patrick's Day Captions For Your Dog & Sham-Racking Up The Likes

Whether you're attending a St. Patrick's Day parade in a nearby city or celebrating the upcoming holiday at home in your shamrock crewneck and socks, one thing is for sure: Your dog will be in on the shenanigans, too. There's not an exciting life moment or social gathering you go to without your pup by your side. This year, it's only right that you gather up St. Patrick's Day captions for your dog and let your fur-ever friend have the spotlight for a day.

You've posted enough pics in the past of green beers and your besties hanging out by the parade route. Now it's time for your cheery pug or loyal golden retriever to receive some likes, comments, shares, and sends. Although they might not totally understand the concept of social media, they will happily respond to your pats and endless heart eyes. They'll get excited when you look at them and say in a baby-like voice, "You're famous," or "Who's the goodest boy on the 'Gram?"

Little do they know, you've probably posted a lot of pictures of them in the past, too. But when it comes to pet content, you can never have too much. That's why, on this St. Patrick's Day, you need to post a picture of your pup in their green and festive attire. Pick out one of these captions for the occasion, OK?


1. "Does this outfit make me look like I'm celebrating St. Patrick's Day?"

2. "The goodest boy sporting his St. Patrick's Day outfit."

3. "Clovers and dogs make the world go 'round."

4. "Wake up, play with dog, celebrate St. Patrick's Day."

5. "You're the cutest clover in the patch."

6. "Puppy kisses and four-leaf clover wishes."

7. "Zero lucks or licks given on this St. Patrick's Day."

8. "Spending St. Patrick's Day with you is going to be a real treat."

9. "The most festive pupper you ever did see."

10. "Being this cute must be so freaking ruff."

11. "The St. Patrick's Day snugglin' is so real."

12. "Can't get clover how cute you look."

13. "Even my pup is getting into the spirit of things."

14. “Not your average lucky charm.”

15. “All leprechauns and festive pups are welcome here.”

16. "Looking for the St. Patrick's Day snacks."

17. "Here for the snacks and shenanigans."

18. "Say cheese! We're taking a St. Patrick's Day selfie."

19. "Shamrockin' and rollin' to the dog park."

20. "Life is short. Take a St. Patrick's Day pic with your dog."

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21. "Can you sniff out the pot-'o-gold for me, please?"

22. "Just hanging out with my dog. How about you?"

23. "Who needs luck when you have a pup like this?"

24. "Feeling lucky to have you by my side."

25. "I've never met a paddy or puppy I didn't like."

26. "This pup is making their inner leprechaun proud."

27. "Wearing green today to match my pup."

28. "Little pup, big parade."

29. "That wasn't very St. Patrick's Day of you."

30. "Will sit for St. Patrick's Day pics and snacks."