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Paddy It Up With Your Roommates With These 8 At-Home St. Patrick's Day Games

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You're in luck, because you can have the best St. Patrick's Day ever right at home. All you need are your roomies, an Insta-worthy green outfit, and a few at-home St. Patrick's Day games to play. Along with a full itinerary of fun, mix up some green cocktails (if you're 21 and up) to serve alongside some festive bangers and mash, and you've got yourself the most epic paddy ever.

Of course, you'd love to keep up tradition and go out to your fave pub for a Guinness or two, but this year, you're keeping it cozy with your crew. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) still recommends that you celebrate the holidays with people you're living with to avoid the spread of COVID-19. That's easy for you, because you were planning on spending St. Patrick's Day with your roomies anyway. Now's your chance to get creative with your party plans by playing a few unique St. Patrick's Day games.

For instance, instead of just dancing it out like you normally do in the living room, make it a TikTok dance battle to show off how much choreo you know. You could also whip up some copycat Shamrock Shakes to enjoy throughout the night, or any of these other St. Patrick's Day ideas. With your besties by your side, you're down for whatever shenanigans come your way.

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Getting Jiggy With It
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Is it a real party if there isn't any dancing? Probably not, so make sure you're getting jiggy with it by playing this groovy game. Test your roommates' knowledge of TikTok dances by playing different trending songs and seeing how much choreo they know. Whoever knows the most dances gets crowned the Charli D'Amelio of the night.

Rainbow Pong

A simple game you can play is beer pong with your roomies, but there are two ways to give it some St. Patrick's Day vibes. First, instead of your regular beer or water in the cups, make it green with a few drops of food dye.

Then, instead of the usual red cup setup, get some multi-colored cups ($6, Target) to make rainbows on each end of the table. With these minor changes to the OG game, you've got something totally new and fun.

Shamrock Shake Off

It's officially Shamrock Shake season at McDonald's. If you can't get enough of the delicious treat, it's time to make your own. In this Nailed It! style game, you and your roomies try your best to make the most accurate Shamrock Shake. While taste is your main goal, you can also have fun making the most Insta-worthy shake ever with different toppings and fancy sprinkles ($9, Fancy Sprinkles).

Golden Scavenger Hunt

Take inspiration from leprechauns who are very good at hiding their pots of gold, and plan a roomie scavenger hunt. Get some plastic gold coins ($3, Michaels) to hide around the apartment, and write out a few riddles to help your roomies find where you've hidden them.

You could also include an Instagram challenge for each one of the clues. Then, by the end of the search, you have a ton of cute snaps you want to share on the 'gram.

Make It Green
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Another kitchen challenge you can try is Make it Green. Since St. Patrick's Day is all about the color green, your task will be to create the most epic charcuterie board with what you've got in the kitchen. The catch is it has to be green. That means green veggies and fruits will be your go-to.

Shamrock Trivia

Play a little trivia, but make it shamrock trivia. The way you do that is to separate your questions into four different categories. It could be categories specific to you and your roomies, like TV shows you've watched or hometown facts. Whenever you answer a question correctly, you collect a leaf from that category. The goal is to try to get a four-leaf clover by the end.

Find The Leprechaun

If you like to play Among Us, you might like this Find the Leprechaun game. This works if you have three or more roomies, and at the beginning of the party, pull job titles out of a hat. They'll either be just regular roomie or leprechaun.

If you pull the leprechaun title, you have "shenanigans" you have to do throughout the night that are similar to tasks. If you complete all the shenanigans before your roomies figure out it's you, you win.

Paddy In Style

Dressing up in green on St. Patrick's Day is one of your favorite traditions. It's always fun putting together a green outfit from the clothes in your closet. This year, have even more fun with it by challenging yourself to put together themed outfits.

Give yourself and your roomies different fashion styles, like preppy or boho chic, to inspire different green outfits. Then, show off what you were able to pull together with a living room runway show. You could even set up a photo booth in the corner for taking pictures in your different green outfits.

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