35 Captions For Your Dog's Valentine's Day Instagram That They'll Really Dig

It seems like everyone is getting into the Valentine's Day spirit this year — even your pup. The day celebrating love isn't just reserved for people who have partners, but man's best friend as well. Instead of a candlelit dinner for two, your pup would love spending Feb. 14 cuddling with you, watching a rom-com, playing fetch, and chowing down on some treats. That's exactly what you plan on doing, so you'll need to be prepped to capture every single sweet moment with the best captions for your dog's Valentine's Day Instagram posts.

If your phone's storage is mostly taken up by pictures of your dog being cute AF, you know a separate Insta account is necessary for posting all of those snaps. Plus, you can't wait to show the world how adorable your dog can be, especially with themed photos for upcoming holidays. Valentine's Day is just days away, so it's time to break out the plush hearts for a doggy photo shoot.

If you're unsure of the poses, take a cue from some of my favorite Insta dogs like Mr. Potato Pup wearing a dapper tie, Gidget Beardot (who's birthday is actually Valentine's Day) posing with a heart balloon, or Tofu the Corgi spreading the love with flowers. Now that you have some inspiration for the perfect pic, here are 35 quotes that you can choose from for your caption. All that's left is to click "share," and wait for all the Valentine's Day love to start rolling in for you and your fur baby.

1. "I woof you, Valentine."

2. "Put your paw in mine."

3. "I'm wagging my tail, because I'm happy to see you."

4. "And they called it puppy love." — Paul Anka, "Puppy Love"

5. "I'll eat snacks and sit on the couch with you."

6. "I woof you today and every day."

7. "You're doggone cute."

Javier Brosch/Shutterstock

8. "Draw me like one of your French bulldogs."

9. "You are pawsitively the best."

10. "Call me Cupid."

11. "I make a mess without you."

12. "Will you accept this rose?" — The Bachelor

13. "I'd try any trick to get a Valentine like you."

14. "I asked Cupid to fetch me a Valentine, and here you are."

Jay Ondreicka/Shutterstock

15. "Valentine's Day would be ruff without you."

16. "Hey Valentine, I really dig ya."

17. "I'm just howlin' for you."

18. "Schedule me a vet appointment, because you just took my breath away."

19. "I puggin' love you."

20. "I fur real love spending time with you."

21. "Pugs and kisses to my Valentine."


22. "I love you so puggin' much."

23. "You're pawesome just the way you are."

24. "Hey corgeous, happy Valentine's Day."

25. "Valentine, I'll always stay with you."

26. "All you need is love... and a dog."

27. "I've got plenty of free wet kisses."

28. "Hot dog, you're the best."


29. "Hey Valentine, I love long walks on the beach, too."

30. "If I'm a good boy, will you be mine?"

31. "It's a treat to spend Valentine's Day with you."

32. "Doggone it, I love spending time with my Valentine."

33. "Woof you be mine?"

34. "The snuggle is real."

35. "I chews you, Valentine."