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38 Captions For Virtual Valentine's Day Pics When You Can't Be With Your SO

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You and your boo are ready to crush your virtual date on Valentine's Day. From watching your favorite rom-coms to playing virtual games, your special day will be filled with so many adorable pics you'll want to show off on the 'gram. When it comes time for a sweet post, use these Instagram captions for virtual Valentine's Day snaps to let your SO know your love is always close by.

Thanks to FaceTime and Zoom, your V-Day photos can be super creative this year. You can take a screenshot of you and bae enjoying French wine and chocolate croissants, and pair it with a virtual V-Day caption like, "Oui will be together soon." Or, you can snap photos of your V-Day gifts and post them on Insta to let your followers decide who the best gift giver is. If you really want to make your followers swoon, you can snap a pic hugging your laptop with your partner's face on the screen. Post the photo with a caption like, "I know you're hugging me back."

However you choose to spend your virtual Valentine's Day this year, you'll have a lovely time because you're spending it with your person. Together, you and your SO will have so many cute snaps to post on the 'gram with these Instagram captions for virtual Valentine's Day.

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1. "Fallin' for you more every mile."

2. "Thanks to Zoom for letting us do date night in Tokyo."

3. "Missing this one a little extra today."

4. "My partner in virtually everything."

5. "Our love language is long FaceTime chats."

6. "I can finally mute your snoring when we watch movies."

7. "Hugging you through the screen."

8. "Whose gift was better?"

9. "Bit by the virtual love bug."

10. "Sending you all the heart eye emojis."

11. "Our love is IRL."

12. "Here's to my virtual Valentine."

13. "I couldn't get any closer to the screen if I tried."

14. "Virtual smooches."

15. "Couples who Zoom together, stay together."

16. "Love has entered the chat."

17. "Closer than ever."

18. "Ok, but this background is totally #zoomgoals."

19. "Love on speed dial."

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20. "Your FaceTime stays on my screen."

21. "I'm so lucky I get to call you every day."

22. "Spent the whole day with this one."

23. "Makin' hot cocoa bombs with my love."

24. "Didn't even feel like we're miles apart today."

25. "You're sending more gifts, right?"

26. "My home away from home."

27. "I'll virtually always be here for you."

28. "Oui will be together soon."

29. "Only a click away."

30. "Always havin' the best time with you."

31. "Staring into each other's eyes... virtually."

32. "Makin' more sweet memories."

33. "I might miss you, but I'll never miss a call."

34. "Zooming it up on V-Day."

35. "Pretty sweet V-Day situation."

36. "The best screenshot ever."

37. "You light up my laptop and my life."

38. "My screensaver, my heart."