These 10 Zoom Date Ideas Go Beyond Video Chatting & Are So Romantic

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This year's been a tough one for many reasons, not the least of which is what 2020 has done to social lives everywhere. Chances are, what social activities you've been able to enjoy — particularly of the romantic variety — have largely taken a turn for the, well, virtual. Whether you're out there meeting and dating new peeps or have had to quarantine separately from your partner, it's meant a lot of video chatting. While that's better than zero contact, you're likely in serious need of some new Zoom date ideas after all these months apart.

Zoom date fatigue is real. The good news is that you have some options and don't have to settle for more of the same. There are a lot of surprisingly creative activities that can help freshen things up. Some are just plain fun while others are all about adding to the romantic vibe. There are even some that will help you skip all that small talk and instead allow you to get to know your date on a deeper level.

If you have a Zoom date coming up on the calendar and want to try something new, consider these date ideas that take your video chat to a whole new level.

Escape The Room, Virtually
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If you love puzzles and a challenge, room escapes made for a super fun date night back when in-person contact was safe. The good news is that these fun activities have gone virtual and can make for a great date night over Zoom. Just choose your theme and a live guide acts as your avatar as you solve the mysteries in real time.

Throw A Dance Party For Two

Do you miss going out dancing on the weekends? Well, why not throw yourselves a dance party for two. Each of you can make your set list and show off your best (worst?) moves while the other plays DJ. Or you can always try to master a TikTok dance challenge together.

Battle It Out In A Virtual Game Night

There's nothing like a little healthy competition to spice up a Zoom date night. If you’re a board game lover, you can play just about any game out there with Tabletop Simulator. Though might need to turn off “flip the table” if you or your partner have an especially competitive streak. For something light and silly, give Jackbox a try. These casual games of wit can show off your date's sense of humor. Honestly, I’ve never laughed harder than during a game of Tee-KO. And for a leisurely and adorable date night, you can even meet up on your Animal Crossing island.

Chill Out Together With A Spa Night
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If you’re in the mood for a date night that's both intimate and relaxing, why not have a virtual spa night for two. This requires a little thinking ahead, but you can each plan a few treatments you’d like to enjoy together, like masks, scrubs, and serums, then coordinate accordingly with a care package. Top the whole thing off with a nice soak in the tub together. Well, virtually together.

Portrait Painting Challenge

Take advantage of the visual medium that is Zoom by painting portraits of one another. Maybe you’re thinking, "But I'm not an artist"? Even better. The key here is just to have a little fun with it and not take things too seriously. You might even end up with an inadvertent masterpiece — or maybe just some really fun memories.

Play 36 Questions

Think your date might be the one? The 36 Question date night is a great way to confirm it and grow even closer. In a study released in 1997, psychologist Arthur Aron explained how he successfully made two strangers fall in love during an experiment by having them ask one another increasingly personal questions. Sounds like a pretty great date night, right? The good news is the questions are available online just in case you want to give it a shot. You know, in the name of science.

Get To Know One Another With A Quiz Night
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If asking those deep, interpersonal questions feels a bit too heavy or premature, give the lighter version a shot with a night of getting-to-know-you quizzes. You can learn about one another’s love languages, if your Myers-Briggs or Enneagram types are compatible, or get down to the really important questions like which fast-food mascot fits your personality or which Friends couple you are. You know, the big stuff. The point is, this is gonna be a fun and illuminating date night.

Host A Very Exclusive Book Club

Get on the same page with a book club date night. You can either each read a chapter of the book and discuss or, if you just want to enjoy the subtle tones of your date's voice, you can take turns reading to one another. Select a book by an author or in a genre you enjoy and just connect with an old-school read along. Sometimes the simplest pleasures are the most, well, pleasurable.

Have A Picnic In Your Home

Picnics are super romantic, so it's a good thing you don’t have to go far to enjoy one. Whether it's in your back yard or on your living room floor, there's something simple, wonderful, and grounded about a picnic. The key here is just to coordinate a menu so that you can feel like you're enjoying the same experience together, even over Zoom.

The Great Zoom Bake Off Challenge
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Hungry for a new Zoom date experience? Then take your date to the kitchen and add in a little fun competition while you're at the Bake Off Challenge. Pick a baked dessert that you're both curious to try and then each of you can try to create your confectionary masterpiece. You may end up with a kitchen nightmare or a treat worthy of a Paul Hollywood handshake. Either way, the best part of a Bake Off date is that you get to eat whatever treat you made to finish off the night.

Whichever kind date night you opt for, with these ideas it's guaranteed not to be boring or the same old thing. In fact, you might just learn a lot more about your date in the process, and that's kind of the point, right?