34 Clever Instagram Captions For Thanksgiving Dinner, Because Life Is Gourd

Hey there, cutie pie! Yes, I'm talking to you (and that bowl of mashed potatoes that's so nicely sitting on the table). You can probably agree that nothing has ever looked so good. The side dish has been perfectly whipped, and there are a few sprigs of fresh parsley sitting on top. A spoon has been put next to the bowl, but you were told not to touch anything just yet. (The excitement and your appetite are both very real.) You call over to the kitchen, "Can we eat now?" Your mom looks over at you and shakes her head, which means you need to pass some time. Well, why not pick out some clever Instagram captions for Thanksgiving dinner? Such a gourd batch of potatoes deserves to be on the 'Gram.

Over the years, you've really filled up your camera roll with anything related to food. When you're traveling, you document every dish you try. You take pictures of the local markets, where that homemade pasta was originally made, and the restaurant signs so you know where to go next time. You work the angles on a colorful salad, and put your desserts in the best lighting so that the whipped cream becomes a highlight. Sometimes, you post these pictures to social media or use them to recap your travels to your friends and family. More often than not, though, you may just admire them in your own spare time.

You longingly look at your phone and reminisce about that incredible vegetarian meal or the sweet potato casserole you had at your grandma's last Thanksgiving. That first bite was electric — as dramatic as that may sound. To this day, you're convinced that nothing will beat that baked lasagna or slice of raspberry cheesecake. (Well, except for this bowl of mashed potatoes that appears to be some steep competition.)

Let me tell you: This holiday season, things are going to be different. You're going to post a picture of your plate and add the most beautiful filter, too. The red of the cranberry sauce will pop through the screen, and the orange of the carrots will be warm and inviting. Every single one of your followers will want a scoop of the gourd life. The only thing that you may be missing, and need to prepare for, is a clever caption. That's the cherry on top of this entire meal, and one of these 34 captions for Thanksgiving dinner won't disappoint.

Logan Cole (Coleman-Duarte)/Stocksy

1. "Hey there, cutie pie."

2. "I know it's corny, but I love Thanksgiving."

3. "Stop, drop, and pass the rolls."

4. "Because you know I'm all about that baste."

5. "Thankful for mashed potatoes and you."

6. "You want a piece of me?" — Britney Spears, "Piece Of Me"

7. "Love at first bite."

8. "Let's get stuffed."

9. "Talk turkey to me."

10. "I only have pies for you."

11. "What a gourd-geous day to eat some turkey and mashed potatoes."

12. "Thanksgiving is totally my jam."


13. "Will you be my pumpkin?"

14. "We're having a gourd time!"

15. "I yam totally thankful for you."

16. "I yam what I yam."

17. "Give 'em pumpkin to talk about."

18. "I love you a pumpkin spice latte."

19. "Football, turkey, and pie. Oh my!"

20. "Life is gourd."

21. "Eat, drink, and wear all things cozy."

22. "Fill your life with both thanks and giving."

23. "May the pies be ever in your flavor."

24. "For goodness bakes."

Alie Lengyelova/Stocksy

25. "Sweet as pumpkin pie."

26. "Stressed, blessed, and mashed potato-obsessed."

27. "Pie is a food group now."

28. "I'm just here for the food."

29. "Sweater weather is the better weather."

30. "The only thing getting lit this weekend is my fall-scented candles."

31. "Social media is what you bake of it."

32. "When the clock strikes midnight, pumpkin everything."

33. "I love the season of giving so berry much."

34. "Today my occupation is couch potato."

Find something that fits your feed and that lovely bowl of mashed potatoes by your side? Sweet! Wherever you're celebrating Thanksgiving this year, there's so much to be thankful for and share on social media.

For one, you're surrounded by the best food and people in your life. Right now, things just seem so gourd — can it get even better? Well, take a bite and then answer that question.