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25 Mashed Potato Captions For Thanksgiving That'll Make Your Mouth Water

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The heroes of the holiday season aren't just Santa Claus or the iconic turkey. There's something else that deserves its very own holiday jingle — and I'm taking about mashed potatoes. Just think about it: Potatoes in general are the real MVPs of the dinner spread. The way they can be baked, boiled, and fried to complete and utter perfection makes them a triple threat, but the way potatoes really shine is when they're mashed. You could say many glorious things about this delicious dish, and there might even be a few creative mashed potato captions in there as well.

Looking at your Thanksgiving dinner table, of course you need the turkey in the center, but right next to it is always the mashed potatoes. They're like the trusty BFF to every single dish you're serving, and mashed potatoes' number one sidekick is gravy.

So before your family digs in, a foodie pic of your spread is #necessary. Create the most Instagram-worthy Thanksgiving dish imaginable, and post right away on the 'Gram with any of these 30 mashed potato-inspired captions. They'll basically be like the gravy on top, and will give your photo the extra kick of flavor it deserves to rake in all the likes.


1. "My favorite dance is the mash potato."

2. "Mashed potato, I only have eyes for you."

3. "Love the mashed potatoes you're with."

4. "You are the gravy to my mashed potatoes."

5. "I don't care if I'm an adult. I will always pour gravy for days on my mashed potatoes."

6. "Spuddenly it's all making sense."

7. "Having a spudtacular Thanksgiving now that the mashed potatoes are here."

8. "Thanksgiving would not be complete without mashed potatoes."

9. "No filter necessary for my mashed potatoes."

10. "I yam very happy to eat mashed potatoes that are either sweet or not."

11. "The best way to butter me up is by serving mashed potatoes."

12. "Four for you, mashed potatoes. You go mashed potatoes." — a take on the Mean Girls quote, "Four for you, Glen Coco. You go, Glen Coco."

13. "All of a spud-den, my potato got mashed."


14. "What a mashing good time we had."

15. "I find mashed potatoes very a-peeling."

16. "I won't hesi-tator to tell you that mashed potatoes are my favorite."

17. "Hey, you're one hot potato."

18. "Hanging with my spuddies."

19. "My best spud is honestly mashed potatoes."

20. "Be a spec-tator while you watch me whip up my glorious mashed potatoes."

21. "Why be a regular potato when you could be a mashed potato?"

22. "Let's rotate-o the dishes and bring those mashed potatoes back over here."

23. "I love my potatoes served mashed and covered in all the gravy."

24. "I'm a Thanksgiving commen-tator meaning I'll talk about mashed potatoes all day, every day."

25. "If there aren't mashed potatoes at your Friendsgiving, sorry, I can't make it."

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