A young woman pours tea into a mug while enjoying a pumpkin spice cake and sitting with her dog.

32 Insta Captions For Pumpkin Spice Cake & Your Fall Tea Party Snacks

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Now that the weather's getting colder, you're probably snuggling up on your couch in the afternoon and having tea parties. These "parties" are a simple and sweet way to enjoy fall treats like cinnamon cider doughnuts or pumpkin spice cake, while sipping a lovely cup of chai. Are you searching for Instagram captions for pumpkin spice cake and the rest of your spread? Well, look no further than this article that's packed with tasty captions and autumns vibes.

Fall trends are your (apple cinnamon) jam. You're totally dialed in to the apple cider cocktail recipes that are circling the Internet, and the seasonally-inspired date nights you can have at home. You know that movies like Hocus Pocus will never, ever go out of style, and what songs you need to listen to when you're driving to the local coffee shop to pick up your order. Although you may not have found your go-to pumpkin spice cake recipe yet, you know it's an autumn must and worthy of being on your Instagram feed.

To capture it in all its glory, you could set up a slice of your cake next to your cup of tea, or put it next to a pumpkin display. Whatever photo you take and decide to post, use one of these 32 captions for pumpkin spice cake and your tea party snacks to bring the tasty, autumn vibes to your feed.

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1. "This cake is pumpkin spice and everything nice."

2. "Now accepting orders for homemade spice cake..."

3. "Let's get pumpkin spicy."

4. "A slice of pumpkin cake a day keeps the winter blues away."

5. "In October, we eat the pumpkin spice cake."

6. "My kind of tea party includes chai and pumpkin spice cake."

7. "Would you look at the time? It's pumpkin spice cake o'clock!"

8. "Took some whisks in the kitchen and made a pumpkin spice cake."

9. "I love living in a world where there's pumpkin spice cake."

10. "I'll take a slice of pumpkin spice cake, and all the apples you have."

11. "This cake tastes like October feels."

12. "Spoiler alert: This actually is cake."

13. "Baking my way through fall."

14. "This may be the prettiest snack I've ever made."

15. "Three words: pumpkin spice cake."

16. "Having a fall tea party with myself."

17. "Gourd times start with a pumpkin spice cake."

18. "I'd like you to meet the cutest pumpkin spice cake in the whole patch."

19. "This is what I call a fall spread."

20. "Until further notice I'll be stepping on crunchy leaves and eating pumpkin spice cake."

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21. "Good morning, pumpkin."

22. "Should I start developing recipes for Trader Joe's? Probably."

23. "So, this is a fall food account now."

24. "Pretty proud of my pumpkin baked goods."

25. "This cake has me totally pumpkin-ed up."

26. "I'm sick of pumpkin-flavored things. Said no one ever."

27. "I wish you could smell the pumpkin spice in here."

28. "If you've got a pretty pumpkin spice cake, haunt it."

29. "Welcome to our fall tea party. We have pumpkin spice cake."

30. "I like my cake how I like my lattes: pumpkin and spicy."

31. "This cake is zero tricks and all treats."

32. "Does this pumpkin spice cake prove that I love fall?"

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