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These Insta Captions For Pumpkin Spice Cookies Will Totally Bake You Drool

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'Tis the season for pumpkin spice everything. You love your daily pumpkin spice lattes, well, a latte, and pumpkin spice doughnuts basically give you butterflies. Give yourself even more pumpkin' to talk about with these Instagram captions for pumpkin spice cookies you bake at home. Why simply enjoy a PSL when you can relax on the couch with your PSL and have something tasty to dunk into it?

That sounds like peak autumn vibes, and it's super easy to achieve. All you need to do is find a tasty pumpkin spice cookie recipe on YouTube, like a pumpkin spice snickerdoodle or pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting. Test out different recipes all season long to find your favorite. You can even get yourself a cute fall cookie cutter set ($6, that will make your cookies look like a pumpkin spice latte drink.

If all that seems like way too much work, relax, because you can still dunk with us. (Get it?) Buy yourself some seasonal slice-and-bake cookies for the sake of the 'gram. After all, freshly-baked cookies right out of the oven is the perfect opportunity to sample and snap away. Plate them on a festive plate or tray, surrounded by mini pumpkins and maple leaves.

When you've got the perfect shot, post away with any of these 45 pumpkin spice cookie captions. Just like a freshly-baked cookie, no one will be able to stop at just one... you will have to post more.

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1. "Let's pumpkin spice things up."

2. "If it's pumpkin spice, I have to try it."

3. "I'm all about that pumpkin spice and everything nice."

4. "Happy pumpkin spice season."

5. "I'm too pumpkin obsessed to be stressed."

6. "Can you tell it's fall, y'all?"

7. "Felt cute. Might eat a whole tray of these cookies later."

8. "Hello, pumpkin. How's it gourd-ing?"

9. "Not only are these cookies gourdgeous, but they're also delicious."

10. "But first, pumpkin spice."

11. "I'm all about that pumpkin spice life."

12. "If loving pumpkin spice is wrong, I don't want to be right."

13. "Pumpkin spice queen."

14. "Cheesin' with my cream cheese frosting."

15. "As sweet as can be."

16. "Fact: Life is better with freshly-baked cookies."

17. "We're a batch made in heaven."

18. "Sometimes, all you need is to eat a cookie."

19. "Life is too short to skip dessert."

20. "Love at first bite."

21. "Live, laugh, and bake cookies."

22. "I love pumpkin spice a latte."

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23. "Pumpkin spice tastes better when you're wearing a cozy sweater."

24. "Leaves are falling. Pumpkin spice is calling."

25. "You batter believe baking is my happy place."

26. "You've gotta bake yourself happy."

27. "'Tis the season to eat pumpkin spice."

28. "I'm falling in love with these cookies."

29. "I decided to trick-or-treat myself to some cookies."

30. "I'm officially a pumpkin spice foodie."

31. "I totally #nailedit with this recipe."

32. "I love these cookies a latte."

33. "I'm pumpkin spiced for life."

34. "This is the sweet life."

35. "Cutest pumpkins in the patch."

36. "I know sharing is caring, but I don't want to."

37. "Looking for pumpkin to eat? How about these cookies?"

38. "Spice up your life." —Spice Girls, "Spice Up Your Life"

39. "Feeling pumped to eat all these pumpkin spice cookies."

40. "These cookies and I are the definition of squad gourds."

41. "You can't eat just one cookie."

42. "Ermagourd, I made pumpkin spice cookies."

43. "I'm 100% that witch who loves pumpkin spice."

44. "I've only got pumpkin space in my heart for these cookies."

45. "It was love at first bite."