A pair of Bohemian polymer clay earrings sit on an orange blanket next to the shadow of a palm leaf.

32 Insta Captions For Your Trendy AF Polymer Clay Earrings

Lately, everyone seems to be purchasing clay, earring backs, and cutting sets so they can make their own statement jewelry. Whether you're the type of person who likes to get artsy in your kitchen or purchase a cool pair from a seller on Etsy, you need Instagram captions for polymer clay earrings to show off your unique creations on social media.

You can't let this trend slip through the cracks and not let them make an appearance on your feed. That would be a total disservice to yourself — since you may enjoy looking back on your photos to see what looks you used to rock — and to your loyal followers who may count on you for all sorts of outfit #inspo. Whether you lay out your new earrings on a cozy blanket that reminds you of fall or slip them into your piercing, open up your camera app and snap a few pictures. Then, edit those photos with a filter that'll make the colors and details pop on your feed.

Typically, polymer clay earrings feature some kind of geometric, earthy, or abstract design, so putting the focus on those details is necessary. After putting a nice edit on the photo, prep your post with all sorts of relevant hashtags like #polymerclayearrings, as well as the artist's handle so that your followers can also snag a pair. Then, add one of these 32 captions for polymer clay earrings and trendy posts on social media.

1. "Do my earrings make some sort of statement? Let me know."

2. "This pair of polymer clay earrings is as playful as me."

3. "Can't stop, won't stop shopping for polymer clay earrings."

4. "Made another batch of clay earrings. Snag yours today!"

5. "Everything is o-clay over here."

6. "When you see something on TikTok, you have to try it for yourself."

7. "Feeling pretty cute in my new polymer clay earrings."

8. "Polymer clay earrings all day."

9. "I like to think Carrie Bradshaw would approve of my earrings."

10. "What's black and white and clay all over?"

11. "The cutest items in my closet are made of clay."

12. "Slowly growing my collection of polymer clay earrings."

13. "Now introducing my quarantine hobby..."

14. "I watched one YouTube tutorial, and now I'm here."

15. "If you've got a cute pair of polymer clay earrings, rock it."

16. "Just trying to stay on-trend."

17. "These earrings are made of clay but they still shine."

18. "Wearing my personality on my polymer clay earrings."

19. "Gone shopping for more earrings. BRB."

20. "So, my earrings officially match my favorite mug."

21. "First, we get dressed. Then, we put on the polymer clay earrings."

22. "I should probably open up my own Etsy shop, huh?"

23. "Polymer clay earrings are in, in case you were wondering."

24. "Just have to add the earring post and we'll be in business."

25. "Putting on my cutest polymer clay earrings for my next Zoom meeting."

26. "Today's #look features these earrings."

27. "I really had to jump through hoops to get these earrings."

28. "Don't leave me dangling."

29. "What craft can we do next?"

30. "Your closet is what you bake of it."

31. "Some bake cookies, I bake earrings."

32. "It's called fashion, look it up."