A young woman with purple and pink hair walks through the city on a windy, fall day.

Be A Trendsetter & Use These Fall Hair Color Captions For Your Boo-tiful IG Posts

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As much as you adore summer hikes and chill beach days, you're so ready for fall, and your hair is a testament to that. You may have recently dyed it a saturated shade of red or orange to mimic the leaves starting to change, and now you're posting selfies on social media to show it off. You're prepping for a new season, and you could really use some fall hair color captions for Instagram to get your point across.

You want your followers to know how hyped you are for fall, and that requires going the extra mile with your Insta posts. You may want to include a prop such as a pumpkin, candy apple, or scarecrow to really set the tone of the photo. You could lick the caramel dripping off the apple, or hold it in your hand while pretending to blow the camera a sweet kiss. Wearing a turtleneck sweater, flannel, or knit scarf is much more casual. But that idea will certainly complement your new 'do and make it stand out on IG amongst the pumpkin-flavored lattes, themed doormats, and spooky decor, too.

These 32 captions will help your posts stand out the most and reach their full potential. Each one is trendy and pretty clever. Post one to become the trendsetter of your circle, show off your fresh cut and dye, and kick those summer vibes to the curb.

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1. "What season is it? Well, just look at my hair."

2. "Just like the leaves, my hair loves to change color."

3. "Felt cute and colorful, might de-leaf later."

4. "She's looking boo-tiful and ready for fall."

5. "Curls with a side of candy apples and scarecrows."

6. "My hairdresser asked me what I was going for. I said 'fall.'"

7. "It's officially 'dye my hair red' season."

8. "Next up, painting my nails red to match my new hair."

9. "Does my hair make you think of pumpkin lattes?"

10. "Kicking summer to the curb with this fresh cut and color."

11. "Sorry for leaving you on red."

12. "Orange you glad hair dye exists?"

13. "I swear the salon sprinkled pumpkin spice in my hair."

14. "Just bringing my fall beauty Pinterest boards to life."

15. "This year, I've really embraced the beauty of change."

16. "Let the autumn #looks begin."

17. "Hair in my face, fall breeze in my eyes."

18. "*Briskly walks to the hair salon in September for a fresh dye.*"

19. "Move along, summer. This hair isn't made for you."

20. "Starting the season on a bright pink note."

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21. "I'm big on leaves and bold haircuts."

22. "My hair is as red as Taylor Swift's lipstick."

23. "Those golden strands of summer are having a moment in fall."

24. "Having hair that matches a pumpkin patch is my favorite thing."

25. "It's a little spooky that it's already fall, but clearly my hair and I are here for it."

26. "Dropping by to say take a peek at my boo-tiful new hair."

27. "I love my hair color in the fall most of all."

28. "Break out the sweaters and boxes of red hair dye."

29. "The brightest spot of this year is probably my purple hair."

30. "I've taken it upon myself to set this season's beauty trends."

31. "Pumpkins? Check. Purple hair? Check."

32. "I can't go a season without sharing my haircut on social media."