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32 IG Captions For Pumpkin Costumes & Pics That Are Squash Goals

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This Halloween, you want your friends to look at your costume and say, "That's squash goals." You're dressing up like a pumpkin and have spent a lot of time crafting your own stem headband and shopping for orange shoes. Luckily, your look is completed now, but you're still hunting for a couple captions for pumpkin costumes that'll take your classic outfit to a whole new level.

Some of your friends are dressing up in '80s apparel like the characters from Stranger Things, while others are sporting sparkly space cowgirl costumes that are sure to stop people from scrolling through their feeds. You simply want your costume to stand out amongst the rest, and even win the virtual costume contest you have going on with your BFFs. For that reason, you may want to go all out when producing your pic, and spend some time on Oct. 31 posing against streamers or in a blooming pumpkin patch. You can hold a few tiny gourds in your hands and pretend to give them a kiss, or squat amongst the hay bails and act like you're a member of their squash squad.

Whatever route you decide to take with your Instagram #content, grab one of these captions for pumpkin costumes and achieving squash goals. It'll show your friends that you're so ready to take the cake in the virtual costume contest, while highlighting all the hard work you put into your smashing outfit.

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1. "Hey there, pumpkin."

2. "Would you say that I've achieved squash goals?"

3. "I'm looking gourd-geous, if I do say so myself."

4. "A pumpkin a day keeps winter away."

5. "You either love pumpkins, or you're wrong."

6. "Just trying to blend in with my front steps."

7. "I couldn't decide between a pumpkin or alien costume. So, let me introduce you to the pumpkin space latte."

8. "100% that witch who loves pumpkins."

9. "For my first trick, I'll turn into Cinderella's carriage."

10. "Creeping it real cute, classic, and festive this year."

11. "Feelin' pretty pumpkin-ed up that it's Halloween night."

12. "You're the spice to my pumpkin."

13. "Please don't turn me into a latte. Thanks."

14. "There's always pumpkin to be thankful for."

15. "I only have pumpkin pies for you."

16. "Let's carve out some time together, OK?"

17. "Why be an average pumpkin when you can be a cat-'o-lantern?"

18. "Greetings from the pumpkin patch."

19. "Go big or gourd home. That's how the phrase goes. right?"

20. "I promise to never ghost you. I'm a pumpkin, after all."

21. "First, we dress up like pumpkins. Then, we watch 'Hocus Pocus.'"

22. "Bringing back the pumpkin costume from when I was a baby."

23. "Making the most of the last minutes of pumpkin season."

24. "Pumpkins and pies before winter and turkey thighs."

25. "The cutest pumpkin in the patch has arrived."

26. "Like for pumpkin spice lattes. Comment for hot cocoa."

27. "Thanks for picking me to be your pumpkin."

28. "Pumpkin up the jams."

29. "If you've got a pumpkin costume, haunt it."

30. "Some pumpkin costumes are a little spooky."

31. "Sorry. It's pumpkins only."

32. "Trick or treat."

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