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34 Insta Captions For Sweater Weather & Your Most Tea-rific Posts Yet

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Calling the chiller fall temperatures "sweater weather" makes them so much more enjoyable. Instead of dreading the days of bundling up in a crewneck or wool pullover, get excited for the opportunity to be cozy. You'll sip tea on your couch after getting ready for day, and take selfies in your go-to sweaters. Do you have any Instagram captions for sweater weather and those tea-rific posts you want to make on social media?

Odds are, you could use some clever words to accompany your mirror selfie or the pic you took in your backyard amongst the fall leaves. Your caption will sweetly wrap up the cozy vibes of the season, and your followers will see just how much you love this chilly, yet tea-rific time of year. It might capture the warm feeling you get after taking a sip of a hot coffee, or the brisk air you breathe when walking your dog anytime during and after October.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to put all those feelings into a few words, but we have you covered. We've come up with some captions that not-so-subtly give a shoutout to sweater weather. After editing a pic for Instagram, decide which route you want to go before picking a caption written below.

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1. "It's beginning to look a lot like fall."

2. "Outside it's only 50 degrees, and I'm feeling cozy and free."

3. "Can I put in a request for it to be this chilly year-round?"

4. "I'm on the same page as sweater weather."

5. "My closet has been waiting for this weather."

6. "A sweater a day keeps the winter blues away."

7. "If it can't be summer, then I'm cool with settling for sweater weather."

8. "Today's forecast says there's a 100% percent chance I'll buy another sweater."

9. "This is my sweater collection's time to shine."

10. "Another day, another sweater and pumpkin spice latte."

11. "Fall is such a breath of fresh, brisk air."

12. "My pup's clearly crushing sweater weather."

13. "Getting dressed in the fall is really just a game of sweaters."

14. "I'm like really down to snuggle if you are."

15. "In an ideal world, I could sit on the couch and wear this sweater all day."

16. "Can't stop, won't stop falling in love with sweater weather."

17. "How is it already time to pull out my sweaters?"

18. "You look like I need to a pumpkin spice latte."

19. "Now entering the most tea-rific season of them all."

20. "Is it socially acceptable to wear the same sweater three days in a row?"

21. "Someone get this girl a sweater."

22. "Backyard hangouts are better in a sweater."

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23. "All I need is a cozy sweater and a good book."

24. "How lovely is it that the seasons change."

25. "I truly live for this weather."

26. "Morning walks in my favorite sweater."

27. "Wait until you see how many sweaters I own..."

28. "Sipping tea, dishing out fall vibes."

29. "This Instagram account is for fall looks and fall looks only."

30. "If you've got a cozy sweater collection, haunt it."

31. "The winter wind has nothing on me and my sweater."

32. "Woke up in a fall-loving world."

33. "Don't sweater the small stuff."

34. "Sweet sweater of mine."

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