Two young women wearing sweatshirts sit on a bed while looking at their new fall sorority gear.

34 Insta Captions For Your Fall Sorority Sweatshirts & Swag That's Cozy AF

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Every season, your sorority may introduce a new line of cute swag that you can't wait to get your hands on. It's seriously just that much fun to sport your letters on the front and crest on the back. Your cozy fall sweatshirt, quarter-zip, or T-shirt could easily be paired with leggings or jeans. Show off your new merch on social media, along with one of these specially-made Instagram captions for fall sorority sweatshirts and swag.

Like your new merch, these captions are customized for your sorority — they won't work with just any 'ole sweatshirt in your closet. Some have a spot where you can insert your letters or philanthropy, so you can make them even more personalized for your IG. Others are a sweet shoutout to the big or little in your life who's wearing their gear and posing right by your side. Truth be told, as much as you adore taking mirror selfies or posting your #OOTD on your story, including your sis in your photo always takes it to the next level.

Whether you're hugging while wearing your cozy crewnecks or holding up the letters that grace the front of your fresh long-sleeve, the picture is all about sisterhood, togetherness, and everlasting mems. But, no matter what type of picture you decide to post, be sure to pair it with one of these Instagram captions. They're made for fall sorority sweatshirts and swag that's cozy AF.

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1. "I swear I didn't just join this sorority for the comfy sweatshirts."

2. "My new sweatshirt says it's fall, y'all."

3. "Sisters who take comfy pics together, stay together."

4. "She stole my fall #look, but I'll get over it."

5. "Another semester, another piece of swag."

6. "This sweatshirt won't just last me four years. It'll last me forever."

7. "OK, but look how cute our letters are."

8. "Do you think we're in a sorority or something?"

9. "Pumpkin spice lattes and new sorority sweatshirts."

10. "I'll be living in this sweatshirt until further notice."

11. "Have a backyard photo shoot in our fall gear? Check."

12. "Home is wherever I'm wearing comfy clothes and hugging you."

13. "Let's make a big deal of our new merch."

14. "I got it from my little."

15. "Like big, like little."

16. "My closet would be a lot less cozy without my sorority."

17. "No matter the weather, we'll be wearing these sweatshirts together."

18. "These outfits deserved their own moment on the 'gram."

19. "Do more things that require matching sweatshirts."

20. "When you raid each other's closets, but pick out the same thing..."

21. "Off to make coffee and do fall things."

22. "All dressed up in my new sorority gear, and have nowhere to go."

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23. "I love our fall merch most of all."

24. "My sisters are sweeter than apple cider doughnuts."

25. "Being in a sorority isn't just a bunch of hocus pocus."

26. "My little is the cutest pumpkin in the whole patch."

27. "Felt cute, might de-leaf later."

28. "The leaves decided to change into something more fall, so I did, too."

29. "Our new fall line is a real treat."

30. "Do you think the Sanderson sisters would join our sorority?"

31. "Cozy clothes are the apple of my pie."

32. "I'm so glad I live in a world with comfy clothes and littles."

33. "There's nothing better than my sorority boo and this sweater."

34. "Fall sorority sweatshirts, check!"