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Your Virtual Halloween Party Isn't Complete Without These Trivia Games

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Bringing your holiday festivities into a virtual setting doesn't mean you can't play a boatload of tricky, corny, and spooky games with friends. As a matter of fact, what it does mean is you can test your knowledge on Hocus Pocus, celebrity costumes, and the most popular candies at the grocery store, all thanks to the best Halloween trivia games. Although the questions may at times leave you a little stumped, these games are sure to haunt your in-depth knowledge of all things related to Halloween, and be anything but a buzzkill.

To play them, you first need to schedule a Zoom meeting with your pals. Everyone can attend the meeting in their costume, and even bring their pet into the camera's view, who's also dressed up like a taco, Tom Nook from Animal Crossing, or a postal worker. Once everyone is in the video chat, you'll want to begin reading off trivia questions from flashcards or share presentation slides that are on your screen. Each slide can have a question, while the following slide can have the correct answer.

Now, you will have to decide on a party "host" to write up the questions and answers in the group chat ahead of time. This person may not play the trivia game as much, so make sure they're aware of that. You could even rotate that position with each of these games so everyone gets their fair share of time. Without further ado, these are the best Halloween trivia games for your upcoming haunted hangout.

"Celebrity Costumes"
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Do you follow along with celebrities like it's your full-time job? If so, you likely know what Kylie Jenner and Jonathan Van Ness dressed up as for Halloween last year. See how good your celeb trivia skills actually are with this game, where the host names a celebrity and a year, and then you have to guess what costume they wore. If you guess right, reward yourself with a candy.

"Halloween Movie Quotes"

During the month of October, you make it a point to watch as many Halloween movies as possible. You might start with a fun and lighthearted film like Halloweentown, before working your way into A Quiet Place.

This trivia game requires you to listen to a movie quote and match it to the correct movie, or vice versa. To play it in a group, have each person raise their hand on camera to answer the question. The host should pick who raised their hand the fastest to answer the question, and potentially score the point.

"Fright Nights With Friends"

Personalize your Halloween trivia game to your friend group with this game. It's all about asking questions related to your past haunted hangs together. You can work in inside jokes by asking things like, "What kind of costume did we run into too many times on Halloween night our senior year?" or, "What's Amelia's least favorite type of candy?" Odds are, your friends will love reminiscing on memories past while scoring points.

"Haunted Home Decor"
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Before playing "Haunted Home Decor," you should first review the rules for The Price Is Right. This trivia game is very close, as it requires your BFFs to guess the price of Halloween decor on the market today. This could be a ceramic pumpkin or a cute skeleton mug that can be placed on a bar cart. Find out which of your friends has the keenest sense for price tags, or simply shops a lot for home decor that'll make their home feel spooky AF.

"Monster Mashup"

To be honest, you could listen to "Monster Mash" 365 days out of the year and never get sick of it. But, this game will put your knowledge of the lyrics to the song — and other relatable ones — to the test.

You or your friend will read off the beginning to a line, while the rest of the group will have to try and finish it. You can keep the rounds going with other related songs, such as "Ghost of You" by 5 Seconds of Summer and "She Wolf" by Shakira.

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