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32 Mardi Gras Outfit Captions That Bring Your Beads & Bling Into Full Swing

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In the middle of February, everyone rushes to the store for cheesy greeting cards and discounted candy in the name of love. Soon after, they rush back for beads, bling, and glitter in the name of Mardi Gras. If you're on your way to New Orleans or another celebration, then you'll need some of these captions for your Mardi Gras outfit.

Showing off your elaborate #look on social media should definitely be part of your day. After all, you probably spent at least a week putting it together and trying different options on for your besties who are going to be traveling and partying with you. They might have come over to your apartment for an afternoon and watched you try on sequined shorts, headbands, and sparkly accessories. After voting on their fave pieces and finalizing your outfit, they might have asked you, "What are you doing for your hair?" or "Do you have colorful eyeliner I could borrow?"

Truth is, they've been in prep mode, too. Like you, they've been rushing to the store and figuring out their options. Now, the time has come for you all to show off your Mardi Gras outfits on the 'Gram — along with captions that'll bring your beads and bling into full


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1. "Does this outfit make me look like I'm going to Mardi Gras?"

2. "Ready for parades and party vibes."

3. "Glitter is the new black."

4. "Leaving a little glitter in New Orleans."

5. "It's the beads and bling that matter most."

6. "Beads, bling, and my besties, oh my!"

7. "I wish I could wear this outfit every day."

8. "The party don't start 'til my Mardi Gras outfit walks in."

9. "All things are possible with beads and bling."

10. "'She's wearing too much glitter.' Said no one ever."

11. "And on Mardi Gras, we wear beads."

12. "Sporting the green, purple, and yellow everywhere I go."

13. "Stress doesn't really go with my Mardi Gras outfit."

14. "This is my Mardi Gras outfit."

15. "All she does is wear beads, beads, beads."

16. "Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Mardi Gras."

17. "I've never met a tutu I didn't like."

18. "This Mardi Gras outfit has been approved by my BFFs."

19. "I love playing dress-up."

20. "We got that Mardi Gras feelin'."

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21. "Life is short. Wear your party pants."

22. "Has anyone seen my bling and beads?"

23. "Dressed for Mardi Gras success."

24. "This might be our most blinged-out adventure yet."

25. "Peace, love, and lots of Mardi Gras parties."

26. "Stay in your Mardi Gras magic, babe."

27. "This outfit starts a dance party in my heart."

28. "All aboard the Mardi Gras express."

29. "On our way to Mardi Gras and so much fun in New Orleans."

30. "I got 99 strands of beads and I love every one."

31. "Let's dance all night, and take pictures in our outfits all day."

32. "Bling it on."

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