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30 Valentine's Day Puns For Instagram That You'll Love A Waffle Lot

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There are many ways to celebrate love — and not just on Valentine's Day, but any day. It's so important that you say, "I love you" to the people who matter most to you in this world. On Feb. 14, in particular, you might want to make some plans with your SO, get them a gift, or make a post with one of these Valentine's Day puns for Instagram and put your heart on your feed.

Sure, these puns might come across as a little cheesy at first, but you and your SO will love them a waffle lot. Leslie Knope, the queen of gift-giving and founder of Galentine's Day, would approve of them, too. She would be ecstatic that you're showing your significant other, bestie, pup, or favorite family members a little extra appreciation. Not to mention, she'd likely have a bunch of ideas for a surprise birthday party or extra holidays you could celebrate while you're in #celebrationmode.

For now, though, just jot down ways you can celebrate love in a few days. For example, you could put a boom box on your shoulder and play a love song, or send your SO a bouquet of flowers with a little message that says, "Thanks for being you." You could make a homemade gift, or show up with nuggets and a really good movie for a low-key date night with your love. (Eating nuggets and watching Crazy, Stupid, Love sounds perfect.)

Of course, you could always make a post on social media with one of these 30 puns, and then proceed from there. Spoiler alert: These puns are extra cheesy, but you'll love them a whole waffle lot.


1. "I cannoli be happy when I'm with you."

2. "Lettuce always bring out the best in each other."

3. "You're the root beer of all my happiness."

4. "I love you a waffle lot."

5. "Just poppin' by to say no one's butter than you."

6. "We really brie-long together."

7. "Plant one on me."

8. "Aloe you vera much."

9. "Wow, what a hot tea!"

10. "You mean snow much to me."

11. "This year has been so gouda thanks to you."

12. "Just in queso you didn't know, you're my favorite person to eat burritos with."

13. "Doughnut go breaking my heart."

14. "Every pizza me loves every pizza you."

15. "I soda think you're cute."


16. "Here's my number. So, kale me maybe?"

17. "Just for the record, I've totally caught s'more feelings for you."

18. "Let's taco 'bout spending forever and ever together."

19. "Until further notice, know that you're my everything bagel."

20. "I goat you, babe."

21. "You're my significant otter."

22. "Are you a hedgehog? Because you're looking sharp this Valentine's Day."

23. "I mustache you a question. Will you be mine?"

24. "I love you this matcha."

25. "I only have fries and nuggets for you."

26. "Thanks for pudding up with me."

27. "You do a grape job at being the one for me."

28. "Sending you lots of hugs and quiches on this Valentine's Day."

29. "I'm in a serious relation-chip."

30. "If you were a fruit, you'd be a fine-apple."

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