30 Unique One-Year Anniversary Dates That Will Feel Original

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A lot can happen in a year. From personal growth to advancements in school or at work, 365 days can really make a difference. And when your romantic relationship hits the one-year mark, it's no wonder that you and your boo might want to celebrate that with something out of the ordinary. Spending your first trip around the sun with someone is be a big flippin' deal, and these unique one-year anniversary dates are the perfect way to really make memories that will last for years to come.

Whether you walk by all the places you had your first few dates or whisk your partner off for a last-minute road trip, there are tons of creative ways to celebrate your first anniversary. While you may prefer to go all out for special occasions, there are tons of ways to celebrate your love that don't break the bank. Maybe you write down all the things you like about each other and tearfully read them out loud, or perhaps you make a nice meal at home. Whatever the case, your anniversary can look like whatever feels right for you.

And if you're looking for some extra inspiration, here are 30 ideas for first anniversary dates.

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1. Talk to your parents or your partner's parents and ask them about their first date. Rather than recreating your own first day (which can be super sweet as well), recreate your parent's first date instead.

2. Do a walking tour or scavenger hunt of all the meaningful places in your relationship.

3. Write 365 things that you love about each other and put them in a bowl. Pull one out every day for the next year.

4. Rent an Airbnb in your town or city and have a fun staycation, where you visit all the places you haven't been to before.

5. Throw your relationship a first birthday party, with decorations and cake from the birthday section of the dollar store.

6. Visit one of your hometowns and do whatever your dream date was in high school.

7. Watch the first movie you ever talked about in your relationship.

8. Go to a craft store and pick out materials for each other, and then make DIY gifts.

9. Find the cheapest flights out of your area to somewhere random and go for the weekend — or even just the day.

10. Write down your recollections of the first time you met or saw each other, and then read them out loud to one another.

11. Go through your first texts together and see who blushes first.

12. Turn your phones off for a night, then go out on the town without Yelping anything or using social media.

13. Visit a fancy chocolate or candy shop and do a tasting.

14. Bake something together.

15. Go on a hike or walk in a new area.

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16. Splurge on fancy cocktails (or mocktails) — but you have to order for each other.

17. Eat pancakes at midnight, at a 24-hour diner.

18. Go on a mini-road trip to somewhere you've always talked about visiting.

19. Make fast-food tapas. Hit up all your fave places and get little things off each menu.

20. Go to the movies in the middle of the day.

21. Take a sailing or boating class.

22. Visit all of your favorite bars and restaurants that have photo booths, then make a collage.

23. Have a DIY spa day with face masks and essential oils.

24. Go to a rock climbing gym and learn about the belabor of your love.

25. Travel to see your favorite rapper, singer, or band play in a different city.

26. Play tennis or squash together.

27. Buy a bunch of your favorite food or drinks, then do a blind tasting.

28. Go to an opera, the symphony, the ballet, or any other performance you have to get dressed up to see.

29. Find a local open mic and dare each other to perform.

30. Write down everything that you need to get done that's causing you stress (like taxes, health insurance forms or, laundry) and take an oath not to talk about it for an entire day. Free yourself of your responsibilities and celebrate your love.