When is it OK to follow your friend's partner on Instagram?

30 Punny Comments To Leave On Your Partner's Instagram To Brighten Their Day


Honestly, is there anything that makes your heart soar more than a cute Instagram comment from your SO? It's the kind of thing that can totally turn your day around. Considering that such a small gesture can have such a big impact, you may want to consider dropping a little love in your partner's IG comments as well. Not just any comment will do, of course — your boo deserves something equal parts romantic and clever. Need a little inspiration? I've collected an array of punny comments to leave on your partner's Instagram that will surely make them crack a smile.

You can't really can't go wrong with a pun is because it combines the best of both worlds. With the right wordplay, you can simultaneously let your SO know that you love them a latte (see what I did there?), while also giving them something to chuckle about. As an added bonus, your comment is sure to rack up some likes from your partner's other followers — because let's be real, everyone loves a good pun.

Whether your other half is having a rough week and needs a lift, or they posted a pic that made you do a double-take and you want them to know it, drop one of these punny comments on their latest post and rest assured they'll be straight up beaming.


1. Avocuddle with me?

2. This may be cheesy but I think you're grate.

3. Donut know what I'd do with you. Love you a hole lot.

4. Wait, can we taco bout how cute you are?

5. You turned me into a hopeless ramen-tic.

6. Not to make this guac-ward, but dang you're fine.

7. Thanks for pudding up with me.

8. You're one in a melon.

9. I love you pho real.

10. Break me off a pizza that.

11. Shell yeah, we're mermaid for each other.

12. We make an egg-cellent team, if I may say so.

13. Have I told you lately that you're purr-fect?

14. Grateful you're my significant otter.

15. I dolphinately adore you, 'cause you give me porpoise.


16. Pretty sure life without you would be un-bear-able.

17. I'm o-fish-ally smitten with you.

18. You. Are. Un-bee-lievable.

19. Love you s'more than I did yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow.

20. Muffin can come between us, boo.

21. Sorry to gush, but I lava you.

22. Photos of you are like a hot dog: I relish them.

23. Can't possibly espresso how much you bean to me.

24. There you go, bacon my heart.

25. Aloe you vera much.

26. Whale, hellooo there...

27. You make me feel like anything is popsicle.

28. I'm paw-sitive you're the one for me.

29. You bring me so much hap-pea-ness.

30. There's one thing I'm berry sure of: We make a great pear.