30 Captions For Super Bowl 2019 & Huddling Around The Snacks With Your Besties

I should probably tell you that I don't know a ton about football and other athletic-related things. I know the most popular players from social media, and the basic rules thanks to my significant other and some of my best friends. Otherwise, I'm always focused on the snacks and whoever's performing at half time. (Oh, and the commercials. You can't forget about those!) This year, though, I'm determined to get more into the game — to huddle around the television with my people and have a ball. That's why I'm prepping you with some Instagram captions for Super Bowl 2019, too. Pass the wings and then we'll get started, OK?

While you're reaching for the honey barbecue ones, let's talk about what you can expect from this year's Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 3. The New England Patriots are facing the Los Angeles Rams in, what I can only imagine, will be a very competitive game. You're not going to want to look away from your screen, even for a second to grab that a scoop of guacamole. So, be prepared and put a couple of extra spoonfuls on your plate before finding your spot on the couch.

The 2019 Super Bowl Halftime Show performers will be Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Big Boi, according to an announcement from the National Football League on Jan. 13. In the past, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and Beyoncé have all put on amazing shows — and I don't think we'll be experiencing anything less this time around. The real star of the entire evening will be you, though. Yes, you read that right.

At least in your own corner of the world, you'll be shining and heading straight for the end zone. You'll have so much fun with your besties, and maybe not even worry about the score. You'll take pictures of your jerseys or plates of food, and post them on social media for everyone to see. Just be sure to add one of these 30 captions for Super Bowl 2019 before hitting "share," and would you mind bringing over the potato chips, please? Thanks!

Cameron Whitman/Stocksy

1. "Can't hide that football pride."

2. "You can catch me huddling around the snack table."

3. "In queso you didn't know, I don't really watch sports. But I love hanging with my best friends."

4. "Patiently waiting for the Maroon 5 concert to start."

5. "This is the calm before the score."

6. "Wingin' it all night long."

7. "I'm in a serious relation-chip."

8. "Football seriously guacs my world."

9. "The hot sauce on these wings is a serious game-changer."

10. "Keep your friends close and your snacks even closer."

11. "I love you to the end zone and back."

12. "Sundays are always for football, but today is for the Super Bowl."

Santi Nunez/Stocksy

13. "Family, friends, food, and football."

14. "Until further notice, assume that I'm in game day mode."

15. "Cheering for the Patriots loud and proud."

16. "Are you ready for the Rams?"

17. "I like to think that I'm the official good luck charm for this game."

18. "You think you can beat us? Now that's some fantasy football."

19. "No punt intended."

20. "Calling dibs on this game and our wildest dreams."

21. "Here for the guac."

22. "Let's give Adam Levine the Super Bowl trophy."

23. "Just read the jersey, please."

24. "Didn't get invited to the coin toss, but it's OK because I'm here for the snacks."

Kristen Curette Hines/Stocksy

25. "Hustle and heart will set you apart."

26. "In our team we trust."

27. "We snack harder than your team plays."

28. "Let's huddle and have a ball."

29. "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose."Friday Night Lights

30. "Win or lose, I'm so lucky to be a football fan."

Now that you're all up to speed on who's playing in the Super Bowl this year, and have your Instagram post prepared, it's time to talk about your plans. How and where are you going to spend your evening with your besties?

Well, you could host a party at your place and have everyone bring a snack for the group. You could also go to a restaurant or bar and watch the game — and hang for a few hours in a booth, cheering on your team with lots of pride. Either way, it's bound to be a good night and one that requires huddling around some wings and having a ball. (Punt highly intended.)