30 Fourth Of July Beach Captions That Are So Fitting For The Good Times & Tides

In the summer, all you do is beach, beach, beach. On the weekends, you and your besties might spend the majority of your time by the shore, soaking up the sunbeams and splashing in the salty waves. You drive down to the coast nice and early, set up your striped umbrellas, and dig your coolers into the sand. You watch as the crowds pile into the parking lots with their chairs, flamingo-shaped floats, and bottles of sunscreen. The ice cream vendors set up along the road, and the second you spy a tasty scoop of your go-to flavor get placed into a cone, you say to your crew, "Does anyone want to get a snack?" Somebody's always down and will have a sweet photo shoot with you, too. That's why you need some Fourth of July beach captions for the particularly festive plans to come.

Your Fourth of July beach trip might not be exactly like your usual getaway with the sun and surf. It may be filled with so many more people, pictures, and volleyball games. There are typically a lot of activities going on, like hot dog eating and sandcastle building contests. As much as you love relaxing and reading the best beach reads of the year from your cozy spot near the sea, you participate in all of it, because, well, why not? This star-spangled holiday only comes once a year, and you should celebrate it to the fullest.

It's meant for s'mores, sparklers, and watching firework shows with your besties. It's meant for laughing, capturing memories in Polaroid frames, and making wishes on all the starfishes. Most importantly, it's meant for celebrating America's birthday with a very festive and beachy Instagram post. Can I give you 30 captions that'll be so fitting for the good times and tides?


1. "Red, white, and beachy."

2. "Stay in your beach magic, babe."

3. "All you need is some vitamin sea."

4. "Good vibes happen near the tides."

5. "Just beachy. How about you?"

6. "It's a tanning and tides kind of day."

7. "Dear, summer. Lime yours."

8. "Taking life one sunbeam at a time."

9. "Cue the sparklers and salty waves."

10. "Today's forecast: 100% chance of flags and fun."

11. "Glowing with the flow of the Fourth of July."

12. "If you need me, you can call me on my shellphone."

13. "The more s'mores the merrier."

14. "Mermaid in the U.S.A."

15. "Serving beachy looks and pink skies."

16. "You can find me near the stars, stripes, and sea."

17. "Living a stars and stripes kind of life."

18. "Thanks for being my sol-mate."

19. "Anything is popsicle on the Fourth of July."

20. "Let freedom and tan lines ring."

Jovo Jovanovic/Stocksy

21. "Sweet land of liberty, love, and lots of good vibes."

22. "I've never met a beach I didn't like."

23. "Mermaid kisses and Fourth of July wishes."

24. "Wild, barefoot, and free."

25. "These are the days off we live for."

26. "If it requires a bathing suit and sparkler, my answer is yes."

27. "All she does is beach, beach, beach."

28. "See you on the next wave."

29. "Don't worry, get sandy."

30. "You're pretty barbe-cute."

Now that you have a few captions prepped and ready to go, you simply need to patiently wait for the Fourth of July. Luckily, your favorite beach trip of the year is only a few days away, so you won't have to longingly gaze at the countdown clock on your phone for too long. Here are a few other things you can do while you wait for the time to pass by, though.

First, you can download the best preset packs of the summer, so the pictures you take really pop on your feed. You can also do some research on the best value beach destinations, if you're feeling in the mood to travel to a new shore for the all the festivities. Last but not least, you can throw the essentials in your car and send an excited text to your besties like, "It's almost time to beach, beach, beach."