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30 Captions For Skiing With Bae That Sum Up The Frosty & Flirty Fun

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Every season comes with its ups and downs. In the winter, the ups are mainly provided by chair lifts that make going to the top of a mountain snow much easier. The downs are the swift and electric rides you take with your love down a powder-covered hill, while strapped into a pair of skis. Those moments, when you're slipping by the evergreen trees, require captions for skiing with your partner.

Truth be told, the experience wouldn't be quite the same without bae by your side. They may pick you up when you fall, cheer you on as you glide down the black diamond trails, and continuously remind you of the cups of hot cocoa you're going to enjoy in the resort's restaurant. They might make you giggle from the moment you learn the pizza move for the first time, and teach you how to conquer the raddest tricks and jumps.

That's why, when the weather forecast starts to predict fluffy snow and chilly temperatures, you start booking cozy weekends in the mountains and finding winter cabins that'll be perfect for sharing kisses and sweet memories. In addition, you may make sure your phone has a note with captions for skiing with your partner and having the happiest winter yet. Here are 30 captions that'll sum up all the frosty and flirty fun.


1. "Gone skiing with my love."

2. "This might be our snowiest adventure yet."

3. "Up to snow good on this mountain."

4. "Sometimes you wake up and decide to go skiing."

5. "I'd always rather be skiing with you."

6. "Stealing a pizza my heart and my skiing moves."

7. "Hot chocolate, waffles, and cuddles."

8. "Snowy wishes and mountain kisses."

9. "Sorry, babe. The slopes are calling, so I must go."

10. "Breathing in love and snowflakes."

11. "The cutest skiier on the whole mountain."

12. "The one where they go skiing together."

13. "All they do is ski, ski, ski."

14. "The winter vibes are in full force."

15. "After this ski trip, we're moving to the mountains."

16. "I like it when you ski. It's super cute."

17. "Catch this couple in the Olympics."

18. "Thanks for always lifting me up."

19. "Falling all over the mountain for you."

20. "Happy winter from us."

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21. "Another day, another mountain with bae."

22. "I love you to the mountain and back."

23. "Nothing but love and snow here."

24. "Skiing, sipping hot chocolate, snuggling. Repeat."

25. "Snow happens, skiing with your love helps."

26. "Just a girl who loves adventures with her SO."

27. "Now this is what I call a snow day."

28. "Some adventures are worth waking up early for."

29. "Your favorite couple made it to the top of the mountain."

30. "Checking snowy items off my bucket list with bae."

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