30 Captions For Belated Birthday Posts That Are Still Festive & Cute

Life happens. In the midst of cleaning up the coffee you spilled over your desk and catching flights to see your siblings, it can be easy to forget someone you love's birthday. And that's why it's essential to have captions for belated birthday posts ready to go that'll ensure your delayed message is still sweet and full of love.

Of course, you probably don't want to get into the habit of sending texts to your besties the day after their birthday. Starting a sweet, celebratory message with "sorry" isn't ideal, and it will probably get old for the person receiving the text on the other side of the screen. To steer clear of this habit, you could put important birthdays in your phone's calendar with reminders so you remember to make an Instagram story or post. You could also jot down the dates you need to remember in your trusty planner that never leaves your side, and put confetti stickers next to them so they don't get lost amongst the items on your to-do list.

For the times when life manages to happen, though, you'll have these 30 captions for belated birthday posts in your back pocket. They'll save you from feeling guilty about not sending a timely birthday wish to your cool aunt, BFF, or cousin. The best part? They'll still feel festive and cute.

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1. "Happy belated birthday, bestie!"

2. "Stay in your birthday magic, babe."

3. "Let's celebrate every day like it's your birthday."

4. "Missed your birthday yesterday, missing you always."

5. "Can we pretend this birthday post was on time?"

6. "Partying like it's still your birthday."

7. "So, I remembered that I forgot your birthday."

8. "This is nacho average birthday post. It's one day late."

9. "*One day and a million other birthday posts later.*"

10. "Running fashionably late to tell you happy birthday."

11. "I donut know how I forgot your birthday."

12. "Belated is the new black. Happy birthday!"

13. "I didn't forget your birthday. I just wanted it to last longer."

14. "There's still some birthday cake left, right?"

15. "Hip, hip, hooray. It's your belated birthday."

16. "Cue the confetti one more time."

17. "I forgot about your birthday and that's the tea."

18. "Just waiting for everyone else to say happy birthday so mine feels more special."

19. "Last one to make a post for your birthday, but first one to show up at your door with chicken nuggets."

20. "I officially give you permission to forget my birthday this year."

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21. "It feels wrong to only celebrate birthdays once a year, so that's why I waited to say anything until today."

22. "Birthdays look incredible on you."

23. "Facebook didn't remind me it was your birthday."

24. "I'm so happy you were born."

25. "From now on, I'm going to remember your birthday."

26. "Friends forgive other friends for forgetting their birthday."

27. "This post isn't late. It's just early for next year."

28. "Thinking about you always, even if this birthday post is belated."

29. "Oops, I won't forget your birthday again!"

30. "Love you long time."