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These Quotes For Your Niece's Birthday Are So Bright & Bubbly

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When it comes to your niece's birthday, you go all out. Every year, you bake her favorite cake, get her a thoughtful present, and make her feel so special and loved. This year, you might be taking the festivities up a notch by throwing your niece the surprise party of her dreams (Frozen or Toy Story-themed? Of course.) In addition, you might be finding quotes for your niece's birthday that'll shine bright on your Instagram feed.

Your niece's adorable smile already brings a lot of sparkle to your pics and social media posts. Her endless energy is contagious, too, making you want to spend every day by her side. The times when you've gone on little hikes, watched movies, or made epic snacks in the kitchen together are your favorite. Even though she may have asked you a million questions along the way, you loved answering them and making sweet memories with your new best friend.

With her birthday right around the corner now, you're gathering up the captions that capture her radiating personality, big dreams, and love for vanilla-frosted cupcakes. You're tracking down the selfies you two have taken over the past year, and prepping a post that's loaded with balloon and confetti emojis. Here are 32 quotes that'll shine bright on your feed — although, never as bright as your bubbly and beautiful niece.


1. "Birthday girl vibes."

2. "Here comes the birthday girl."

3. "Birthdays are better with you and cupcakes."

4. "Throwing glitter in the air because it's my niece's birthday."

5. "On this day, a little queen was born."

6. "We've decided there needs to be more cupcakes at this birthday party."

7. "Today is the best day. It's your birthday!"

8. "They grow up so fast, huh?"

9. "Say cheese and ice cream cake, please!"

10. "Selfies, kisses, and lovely birthday wishes."

11. "Stay in your birthday magic, babe."

12. "Doughnut crush her vibes on her birthday."

13. "Advice from your auntie: Enjoy life and eat confetti cake."

14. "Doughnut want you to grow up anymore."

15. "It's her birthday, she'll take a nap if she wants to."

16. "In birthday pizza we crust."

17. "She's been keepin' it real since birth."

18. "Sunshine and birthday wishes on her mind."

19. "Cue the confetti."

20. "There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy. My niece's birthday is one of them."


21. "Old enough to know better, but still young enough to get away with it."

22. "You're the ice cream to my cake."

23. "In the mood to celebrate everything with this little one."

24. "Current status: celebrating my niece's birthday."

25. "Let's shell-ebrate."

26. "She adds a little confetti to every single day."

27. "Knee-deep in confetti and cuteness."

28. "I swear she eats glitter for breakfast."

29. "Best birthday girl ever."

30. "Her favorite color is glitter."

31. "Nothing beats a birthday party for your niece."

32. "Bubbly, bright, and beautiful."

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