A baby girl in a rainbow-striped shirt lays in her new aunt's lap and giggles.

30 Captions For Becoming An Aunt & Stepping Into Your Coolest Role Yet


You've likely accomplished a ton in your adult life thus far. Landing your dream job, moving to a city you love with your best friends, and scoring the sweetest person to spend your life with? Check and mate. But when your sibling brings an adorable niece or nephew into the world, you take on the coolest role yet. You become an aunt and someone who, without a doubt, needs captions for becoming an aunt.

After all, documenting and sharing the moment you meet your new little one for the first time is #necessary. The pictures, selfies, and video clips you take will end up in scrapbooks and Facebook albums so you can look back on them whenever you please. Down the road, when your niece or nephew is more grown and adventuring with you to parks, malls, and all kinds of sights around your city, you'll likely show them the pics so they can see what your first memory of them is. That's the beauty of pictures — pausing a moment in time and allowing it to live on forever.

Of course, you don't have to post the pictures you take on Instagram or any social media outlet for that matter. But it can be a fun way to keep track of your memories and most incredible moments as an aunt. Here are 30 captions that'll be perfect for stepping into your new role. (Sleepovers, play dates, and endless babysitting await.)

d3sign/Moment/Getty Images

1. "Stepping into my role as the 'cool' aunt."

2. "You've got an aunt in me."

3. "So little and so loved by your aunt."

4. "I used to just be the cool sister. Now, I'm also the cool aunt."

5. "Best aunt ever, at your service."

6. "I promise to always keep your secrets and give you candy."

7. "I'm the cool aunt everyone told you about."

8. "Rule number one of being an aunt: Do more of what makes your little one happy."

9. "Happiest auntie right here."

10. "'Becoming an aunt is the worst,' said no one ever."

11. "Everything is cool when you're with your aunt."

12. "Say cheese! Your new aunt is here."

13. "Great sisters get promoted to aunts."

14. "Happiness is becoming the aunt you've always dreamed of being."

15. "The greatest gift my sibling ever gave me."

16. "I can't keep calm, I'm an aunt now!"

17. "An aunt's love is like no other."

18. "If you've got it, aunt it."

19. "I hit the aunt jackpot for sure."

20. "World's cutest human being and her new nephew."


21. "You're going to make me smile every single day."

22. "Just a girl who loves being an aunt and holding her new niece."

23. "Oh, the adventures we're going to go on..."

24. "Let the babysitting and best friendship of all time begin."

25. "Sunshine, you have my heart."

26. "A new aunt in her natural habitat."

27. "What would a 'cool' aunt do?"

28. "Thriving, because I'm now an aunt."

29. "When we have each other, we have everything."

30. "Cuteness overload brought to you by a new aunt."