Every "Cool" Aunt Should Take Their Niece Or Nephew On One Of These Fun Trips

Speaking from experience, being an aunt is one of the greatest joys in life. I know that people always make jokes about aunts being able to have all of the fun without any of the responsibility, but being an aunt is so much more than that. You're your niece's or nephew's adult confidant, role mode, and you get to be there for every step of their lives. It's an incredible journey that only gets better over time. You're probably always looking for new ways to bond, so you should check out these fun places to go with your niece or nephew that will totally solidify your "cool" aunt status.

From Disney World to New York City, there are a ton of options if you're looking for unique vacations to go on with your niece or nephew. These vacations ensure you'll have plenty of opportunities to bond with them, you can introduce them to something new, visit a place you've never been before, and of course, be a crucial part of their coming of age journey.

Being an aunt is one of the most incredible titles you can have in your lifetime, and if you're like me, you're always looking for ways to be the best aunt you possibly can be. Try taking these trips with your niece or nephew to add a few extra "cool" points to your aunt meter. Your nieces and nephews will definitely thank you for it.


No matter what age your nieces or nephews are, it's unlikely they'll ever get tired of going to Disney. The theme park has fun activities for people of all ages so that you can enjoy a day or weekend bonding with each other on rides, at shows, and in fun restaurants.

New York City
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Everyone should visit New York City at least once in their life, and you're the perfect person to take your niece or nephew there. You can show them all of the fun touristy spots as well as some of your personal favorites from your own trips to The Big Apple.

A Beach Getaway
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I'm definitely partial because I grew up next to the Gulf of Mexico, but I think that beach vacations are a wonderful way to bond with someone. Destinations like St. Petersburg and Clearwater, Florida offer you the chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the beach, but also offer a quiet place where you and your niece or nephew can hang out, explore, and recharge.

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If you're able to swing a trip to Hawaii with your niece or nephew, you'll probably be considered the greatest aunt ever (and I hope you'll pack me in your suitcase). Depending on their age, you can spend your vacay with your niece or nephew relaxing by the pool, snorkeling in the ocean, and hiking around volcanoes. You'll savor delicious traditional Hawaiian cuisine, and have the absolute best time ever.

A Cruise
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Cruises are a fun and easy way for anyone to take a vacation, and they're especially great for kids. If you're looking for a fun vacation to take with your niece or nephew, consider jumping on a cruise with them.

Some cruises are as short as four days, so you won't be gone for too long. It's just enough time for you to bond, do some fun activities together, and explore a new destination.

A Road Trip
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A road trip is a great way for you to spend quality time with your niece or nephew. You don't have to go too far — maybe just a few towns over — but being in a car with someone gives you the opportunity to get to know them in a different way. You can collaborate on the ultimate road trip playlist and play fun car games together. Once you arrive at your destination, explore the sites and grab some ice cream.

A Music Festival Or Outdoor Concert
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This one will have to wait until they're a little older, but a music festival or even an outdoor concert are great places to take your niece or nephew if you want to make new memories and bond over a shared common interest: music. You can help them get festival-ready with a cute outfit and some glitter to sprinkle on their face, and hopefully they'll still be light enough for you to carry on your shoulders so they can get the best #views in the house.