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These Birthday Captions Are For Leos & Making Another Lap Around The Sun

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If a Leo were a birthday decoration, they would be sparkly confetti that catches everyone's eye. That's because there's no other zodiac sign with the same energy as a Saturday afternoon, and the same passion for life as a flower in full bloom on a summer's day. You truly are the entire package, and that's likely why your best friends always want to be around you. Now, it's your season and you're about to celebrate your big day. It's time to break out these birthday captions for Leos and making a new lap around the sun.

Before you break out these captions, though, let's reflect on your last year around the sun and all you accomplished. You may have completed another year of college and gotten closer to scoring your degree. Or you may have broken into the workforce, landed the job of your dreams, and put together a home office that inspires you and makes every day feel so exciting. In the past few months alone, you might have grown closer to a family member or long-distance friend, after organizing virtual hangs or happy hours.

Truth be told, you may not be sure what's coming for you in the next lap around the sun. You're feeling confident that the universe has your back, though, and know it'll include lots of vacations, passion projects, or even a new friendship or two, even if you don't leave your backyard. Start off your birthday and this next adventure with one of these cute, clever, or bold birthday captions for Leos.

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1. "If I was any star in the sky, I'd probably be the sun."

2. "Feeling lucky to be a Leo."

3. "Sending a 'happy birthday' to my fellow Leos."

4. "This lion is having a lazy day for their birthday."

5. "Another #fire birthday selfie from your favorite fire sign."

6. "Smiling is what I do best, but it's hard not to on my birthday."

7. "Let the Leo in your life know that you love them."

8. "Taking on this next year like a lion would."

9. "Isn't it lovely that it's Leo season?"

10. "Leave it to a Leo to virtually host a birthday party with their friends."

11. "First, we lay in the sun. Then, we celebrate this Leo's birthday."

12. "Summer looks good on every Leo."

13. "Beaming because it's my birthday and I'm a Leo."

14. "Now accepting birthday cards and wishes."

15. "Tell me something you love about Leos."

16. "I swear all the stars align when it's my birthday."

17. "I've got a soul full of sunshine and fire."

18. "Into another year of life, us Leos go."

19. "Throwing myself a birthday party may be the most Leo thing I've ever done."

20. "Nothing but blue skies and birthday vibes."

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21. "Things I'm grateful for on my birthday: my friends and being a Leo."

22. "These are the golden birthdays."

23. "A heart of gold. A closet of party dresses patiently waiting to be worn."

24. "Don't look back. The future and my birthday cake is forward."

25. "10/10. Would highly recommend being a Leo."

26. "Watch out. I'm conquering my dreams up ahead."

27. "Looking fine and feeling like a glass of birthday wine."

28. "Celebrate everything. That's my style."

29. "Cue the confetti and birthday comments."

30. "Just a Leo in their natural, summery habitat."