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3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall Into Relationship Ruts Most Easily


Though rom-coms may show the steamiest 90 minutes of a couple's life, if you were to capture an entire romantic relationship on film, you'd be bound to watch some pretty boring moments. Dating can be everything from silly to sexy, but in even the best relationships, it's natural to feel a little bored sometimes. However, if you are one of the three zodiac signs who easily fall into relationship ruts, you may already be half-asleep while reading this.

Of course, getting bored in relationships or always wanting to spice things up and try something new doesn't mean you don't love your partner. From learning different ways to communicate your feelings to trying out new moves between the sheets, making your own excitement in a relationship can bring you and your boo closer together. Whether you live for the initial drama and start to lose interest when things get serious, or you need a partner who wants to explore the world with you, falling into a relationship rut can happen to anyone.

If you're one of these three zodiac signs, you may find it's easy for you to fall into relationship ruts. Read on, so you can keep an eye out.

Gemini (May 21–June 20)

While they love the initial rush of a new crush or connection, Gemini starts to feel bored in relationships pretty quickly. Though these twins are known for being adaptable and open-minded, their duality can sometimes make them a little hot and cold in romantic relationships. Likely to push someone away or to stir up some drama when things feel stable, Gemini's constant search for excitement may leave them in a relationship rut. Of course, if they find a partner they can laugh and create with, these twins will love being able to connect.

Aquarius (Jan. 20–Feb. 18)

Dreamy Aquarius can get bored pretty quickly. Independent and unconventional, if this water bearer is feeling a little too involved with their partner's life or tied down, they may start to get a little cagey. Though in their hearts, they are intuitive and emotional, this air sign isn't always the best at expressing their feelings to their loved ones. If they're starting to feel a little stuck in their relationship, they may not communicate their needs until it's too late. While they may be a tough nut to crack, when they find someone empathetic and observational of their needs, Aquarius will give them their heart for life.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22–Dec. 21)

Born to roam, fire sign Sag isn't one to be tied down. Though passionate and personable, if Sag feels like they are missing out on an adventure, they may find themselves in a relationship rut, even when everything is going well. Likely to feel major FOMO about everything they're not doing, Sag's mind may wander. Wondering if the grass really is greener on the single side or if running away to start a new life in Costa Rica would be fun, Sag needs to come back to the here and now. Of course, when they find someone as adventurous as they are, Sag can be a super serious partner.

No matter your sign, if you find yourself in a relationship rut, try talking to your partner about where you're at. From checking in with your own feelings to planning a last-minute trip, sometimes all you need to get out of a rut is to do something a little different. Though the initial rush of a new relationship is undeniable, there are new exciting discoveries to be made every step of the way.