Cancer and Scorpio is one of the zodiac sign pairings that define the relationship quickly
Whoa, 3 Zodiac Sign Pairings That Define The Relationship Super Fast


Some people are eager to commit. Some people would rather date casually forever than define the relationship. But when certain individuals get together, a committed relationship is pretty much inevitable. I'm sure you've seen it happen before: Two people go on a date, and before you know it, they're posting selfies together on Instagram every weekend. There are certain zodiac sign pairings that define the relationship quickly, and when that happens, it's usually the case that they're both signs that are more willing to DTR than not. Of course, that isn't all it takes to make an instant connection.

So what makes some zodiac signs so quick to click when they get together? It's probably due to a combination of chemistry and a desire to commit. When these super-compatible signs hit it off, they're likely to be Insta-official so quickly it will give you whiplash. And I'm not just talking about signs pairings that have great first dates, or sign pairings that tend to be freaks beneath the sheets together. I'm talking about the people who wine, dine, and are holding hands in no time. Which zodiac duos can't wait to meet each other's parents? For these sign pairings, the DTR talk tends to happen ASAP.

Aries & Leo

Aries and Leo are a near-perfect match in the zodiac. These fire signs may both have strong personalities, but that just makes their connection even more sizzling, exciting, and totally hot. You might think that a free-spirited Aries would be reluctant to DTR, but when an Aries wants something, nothing is going to stand in their way — which is also the case for self-assured Leos. So what happens when you put together two fiery, passionate, and confident AF individuals? They'll know right away what they want, and what they'll want is each other. When these two get together, hearts are sure to be set aflame.

Cancer & Scorpio

Cancer and Scorpio is another match made in astrological heaven. These water signs are overflowing with emotions, which seems like a recipe for a disastrously dramatic duo. But the fact that these two signs are highly emotional, extremely loyal, and just a touch possessive actually makes them an ideal pairing. Cancers and Scorpios thrive on the reassurance and comfort that a committed relationship provides. These two are also drawn to intimacy and privacy over a night out on the town, so when they find someone who likes to Netflix and chill as much as they do, they'll want to DTR and lock it down.

Virgo & Taurus

Just like an Aries and Leo pairing and a Cancer and Scorpio pairing, Virgo and Taurus are signs associated with the same element, which makes them drawn to each other in more ways than one. These earth signs are known for being practical and grounded, so they're always thinking about the future rather than living in the moment. They also tend to value security and stability, and when these two signs find they share these qualities, they'll be eager to DTR and start building a comfortable life together. When these two signs match, it won't take long for them to start planning their wedding and naming their future kids.

Not everyone is prepared to jump into a relationship with both feet, but these zodiac duos just seem destined to DTR. When these signs get together, it's usually just a matter of time before they're taking a walk down the aisle.