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Hmm, 5 Zodiac Sign Pairings Compatible For Sex But Not Conversation

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If you had to choose between a partner with whom you had great sex and terrible banter, or great banter and terrible sex, which would you choose? In the long run, I'd personally opt for the latter. But I know I'm not the only one who has kept someone totally wrong for me around simply for the sex. There are certain zodiac sign pairings compatible for sex but not conversation, and even if someone is your ideal sex mate, they could make for a disastrous partner outside of the bedroom. I know — life is unfair.

Two people who complement each other perfectly in bed can have little else in common when they're not doing the deed. So many factors have to be taken into consideration when it comes to compatibility, and sexual chemistry is only one of many. I'm not saying it's a bad thing to sleep with someone who doesn't share your values or interests — I'm just saying that some people are better off as one-night-stands or summer flings than as your significant other. It's possible for two people who are incompatible physically to improve their sex life if they work well as partners, but for these sign pairings, it's unlikely that you'll ever have anything more than incredible sex.

Aries & Libra

Aries have strong wills and even stronger personalities, which might make them a surprising match in the bedroom with cautious, people-pleasing Libras. However, because these two signs are opposite each other in zodiac, they feel a mutual sexual attraction and are often drawn to each other. Libras love to give others what they want, after all, and their slow and sensuous nature can help an ambitious Aries slow down in the bedroom.

But despite their sexual chemistry, these two signs have little is common. Libras desire approval and affirmation, and Aries are too willfully independent to provide it. As Libras are deliberate and Aries are impulsive, they also have a difficult time understanding each other's motivations. The only thing they can agree upon, really, is that they love getting it on.

Scorpio & Taurus

Scorpios are the sex fiends of the zodiac, but that definitely doesn't mean they're sexually compatible with everyone. Just like Aries and Libra, Scorpio and Taurus are opposite signs in the zodiac, and when it comes to sexual chemistry, opposite signs often attract. Taureans make for a great match in the sack because, while they're romantic and sensuous, Scorpios are full of explosive passion. They complement each other well, which leads to some pretty epic sex.

Taurus and Scorpio have a lot in common, despite being opposites, but their personalities are often too intense for the other to handle. Taureans value openness and honesty, while Scorpios love their secrets. Considering how stubborn both these signs are, it's likely that a Taurus will easily become frustrated with a Scorpio's unwillingness to engage.

Capricorn & Cancer

What a surprise — two more opposing signs who have great sex! Capricorn and Cancer are also opposite each other in the zodiac, and as a result, their sexual compatibility is off the charts. As dissimilar as these two signs are, they help fulfill each other in very necessary ways by providing the other sign with what they need. A Capricorn lacks passion, and a Cancer is filled with it. A Cancer lacks the ability to relax, and a Capricorn has the patience to soothe them. When you put these signs together, expect fireworks.

Both signs understand the appeal of stability, but when it comes to understanding each other, they're at a loss. Cancers desire to connect with others on a deep, intimate level, and, unfortunately, no-nonsense Capricorns are unlikely to humor a heart-to-heart conversation.

Libra & Aquarius

Libras are oftentimes too worried about what others think to enjoy themselves (especially during sex), and Aquarians know just how to put a Libra at ease. Aquarians are the opposite: They don't care what anyone thinks, and so they can help loosen up and liberate a timid Libra. Free from self-consciousness, Aquarians help Libras enjoy sex to the fullest, and seeing a Libra cut loose is just as satisfying for an Aquarius to witness.

The problem: Once they leave the bedroom, Libras go right back to concerning themselves with the opinions of others. Aquarians always march to the beat of their own drum and act with impulsivity, so it's pretty impossible for them to vibe with a Libra's meticulous and indecisive nature. As well as they work behind closed doors, a Libra is simply too rigid for a freewheeling Aquarius outside the bedroom.

Cancer & Pisces

Rather than physical attraction, Cancers and Pisceans are often brought together through passion. Their intense sexual connection is far more emotional than carnal, as both signs ooze love and sensuality. While Cancers tend to be more conservative in bed than Pisces, who are down to try new and kinky things, their shared empathy and sensitivity to each other's needs allows them to find a balance. Sex between a Cancer and a Pisces tends to be nurturing rather than erotic, and it's almost always satisfying for both parties.

It's their dissimilar values that really keep Cancers and Pisceans from making a good match. Cancers are homebodies with a desire to feel cozy and safe, while Pisceans value newness and excitement over routine. They may have a great emotional and sexual connection, but Pisceans are too imaginative and impractical to give Cancers the stability they seek.

If you and a person have nothing in common except a shared desire to do each other, then so be it. I just wouldn't get your hopes up about turning your sex buddy into an SO if a physical connection is all you have.

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