These Love Spells Will Attract Positive People Into Your Life During Venus In Pisces

On Feb. 10, Venus will enter Pisces and we'll all fall prey to her seductive whims. Venus, goddess of romance, love, and satisfaction, is especially potent during Pisces, one of the dreamiest and emotional signs of all the zodiac. This will have us all aching with desire, wanting our hearts filled with meaning and poetry. You'll probably fall in love, over and over again, with everything beautiful you come in contact with. This makes it the perfect time to conjure some magic into your life and these easy Venus is in Pisces love spells are all you need to suffuse your soul with passion.

Whether you're dying to meet your soulmate, hurting over your last breakup, or even just hoping to make some new friends, there's something for everyone during Venus in Pisces. Your heart will be pounding harder, your smiles will stretch wider, your tears will flow more profoundly, and overall, everything will feel more meaningful. Especially with Valentine's Day right around the corner, a love spell during this time will help all your romantic dreams come true.

An important thing to note about love spells is that magic should never be used to control another person. For example, instead of casting a spell to make someone in particular fall in love with you, you should cast a spell to attract your ideal lover. This way, the universe can pair you up with someone who is right for you, rather than someone who might be wrong for you, against their free will.

It's also very important that before you begin casting a spell, remember to sage your space to purify the room and remove all negative energy. Once the smoke has filled the room, open a window and let the smoke clear. Then, my fellow witch, you may begin:

To Gain New Friendships

Do you feel like lately, no one gets you? Has it been hard to meet new people lately? Does it feel impossible to find likeminded people to spend time with? A friendship spell is exactly what you need to forge bonds with new people. You'll need:

1 Pink candle

1 Rose quartz

1 Bowl of water

Rose or jasmine essential oil (or both!)

Arrange the candles on your altar (any purified surface will do) and light them, one by one. Pour as many drops of the essential oil as you'd like into the bowl of water. Then, put your rose quartz inside the mixture. As the crystal soaks, repeat these affirmations as many times as you need to:

I am beautiful, smart, and loyal

Friendship surrounds me

I am fun to be around

I am a gem in everyone's life

Along with the water and the oils, allow these words to permeate your rose quartz. Allow the candle to burn all the way through. Whenever you feel ready, remove the rose quartz from the bowl and dry it off. Take it with you wherever you go or leave it in a safe space you return to often. The quartz is now charged with energy that will attract more friends than you'll know what to do with.

To Attract Your Perfect Lover

Have you been feeling lonely lately, like there's something (or someone) that's missing in your life? Are you ready for some romance? For goodness sake, where is your soulmate already? Try this love spell to find out! You'll need:

1 Pink candle

Jasmine tea

Rose water

1 Rose quartz

Light the pink candle on your altar. Pour yourself a cup of some jasmine tea. Add a few drops of rose water in it. While the tea cools to a temperature you can drink, repeat as many times as you'd like:

With this tea, I am revealed

My true love has been looking for me

Finally, we are together

When you're ready, place the rose quartz in your lap or clutch it with your fist. Then drink the tea. While you drink it, imagine your love holding you from behind, making you feel warm and loved. Allow the candle to burn all the way through. When you've finished, keep the rose quartz with you always or leave it in a safe place. It will attract your ideal lover in no time.

To Heal A Broken Heart

Is all this talk of love and romance just depressing you? Are you coming away from a painful break up? Did someone you love recently reject you? If so, this spell won't fail to help heal your heart. You'll need:

1 Orange candle

Eucalyptus essential oil

Bowl of water

1 rose quartz

1 obsidian, onyx, or tourmaline (any black crystal will do)

Light the orange candle on your alar. Pour a few drops of the eucalyptus oil into the bowl of water. Dip the rose quartz and obsidian into the bowl and allow them to soak. Then, repeat these affirmations as needed:

My heart is made whole again

I am free to love once more

My heart is full of peace & clarity

I am meant to love once more

When you are ready, pull the crystals out of the bowl and dry them off. Keep them in a safe place or keep them with you at all times. The rose quartz will soothe your heart while the obsidian will protect you from further harm. The combination of both, plus the healing powers of eucalyptus, will help you through this difficult period.