What Venus In Pisces Means For Your Shot At Love This Month

If you've been feeling trapped in the confines of your head, like your imagination is a dried up basin, or worst of all, like you and your partner are growing apart, then what Venus in Pisces 2018 means will be of major importance to you. There is no better sign for Venus to land in! Pisces exemplifies all the romantic and otherworldly qualities of Venus, goddess of love, pleasure, and the fanciful in life. Pisces allows Venus to truly unleash her powers on us all and on Feb. 10, we'll be swimming in her dreamy lagoon.

During Venus in Pisces, falling in love is easier than ever and we'll be swirling in enchantment. Everything will be love at first sight and that drug-like "butterflies in your stomach" feeling will leave you dazed and euphoric. It'll be a great time to plan a steamy, hot date with your lover, to give your all to an artistic endeavor, to spend quality time with your friends and family, and infuse your days with sensory stimulation. It can be easy to want to hole up in your own little world during this time, but it's recommended that you get out there and let your emotions permeate the world. Don't hoard all your beauty to yourself.

Dive Deep Into Your Emotions

Your emotional thermostat will be exploding with high temperatures and there could be glass all over the floor. Watch your step but don't avoid journeying through your emotions altogether. If you're a sign who tends to hate the feels, like Capricorn or Aquarius, Venus in Pisces could be a scary time, but it'll be that much more important for you.

Repressing your true feelings will only lead to resentment and discomfort so embrace them with full force instead. These emotions are juiced up with artistic material and you need to tap into those waters. You should let yourself be inspired and set aside time to zone in on what your heart is telling you to do. This could mean setting Sunday afternoon aside to finally start painting again, it could mean cooking a romantic dinner for you and your partner, it could even mean reading poetry and crying all night. Whatever emotions mean to you, it'll feel good to let them out. There's no better time than Venus in Pisces.

Be Careful Making Commitments

The thing with Venus in Pisces is that everything will be attractive to you. You'll feel like enrolling in a six-week tap dancing intensive course on a whim, buying a $500 jacket instead of paying your rent, or foolishly saying "I love you" after the first date.

I'm telling you: Think twice before making a life-altering commitment. Venus in Pisces will have you feeling high on love and life, like anything is possible, like seizing the day. You'll feel more alive than ever. However, I'm gonna pop a hole in your balloon here and let you know that you will get carried away and you might regret some of your decisions later.

Plan A Weekend Getaway

With all these emotions running haywire, you're going to feel tempted to stay in for the next few weeks and do nothing but wallow in them. This is a huge mistake you could make during Venus in Pisces. Those emotions need to explore the great beyond, not soak up your pillow with tears. If you don't have an outlet for your feelings, your mind can play some seriously bad tricks on you, making you think the worst is about to happen. This could turn the hope of Venus in Pisces into a cloud of misery.

This is why it'll be a great time to change up your environment and make some fun plans. Plan a short weekend trip with some friends and saturate your spirit with some nature or invigorate your mind with the hustle and bustle of a big city. If something that adventurous isn't feasible right now, take a trip to your local zoo, visit that trendy new bar that just opened, plan a bonfire at the beach and make some s'mores with your favorite people. Imbue Venus in Pisces with some effervescent memories you'll never forget.