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3 Myers-Briggs Personality Types Who'll Ask You To Move In With Them ASAP

The decision to forfeit your respective abodes and become roomies is a massive milestone for any couple. Some people feel ready to take that step after just a few months of dating, while others wait years. As it turns out, there are certain Myers-Briggs personality types who'll ask you to move in with them ASAP because, well — that's just how they roll.

The truth is, there's no right or wrong timeline to move in with your partner. Every relationship progresses at a different pace, and to boot, each individual might have unique needs as far as personal space and alone time are concerned. That explains why you may have waited three years to move in with your ex, but somehow you're totally down to take that leap with your new boo after only three months. While some personality types tend to be more cautious and risk-averse overall when it comes to moving the relationship forward, others are more than eager to take the plunge and share a living space. For example, Intuitive Feeling (NF) personality types are known for being idealistic and focused on future possibilities in any given situation, which may make them more likely to ask you to move in early on.

When you're actually ready for this transition, of course, is up to you. But just a head's up — these personality types definitely won't take their sweet time before they try to shack up with you.



One thing you can count on Debaters for is keeping things endlessly interesting. Where relationships are concerned, they’re also all about continually moving things forward, which explains why they won’t shy away from asking you to move in with them (provided they can see a future with you). ENTPs are almost always thinking about ways in which they can grow with their partner, and obviously, living together can be a massive learning experience.

Something else to know about ENTPs: They’re natural-born risk-takers. This definitely applies to a Debater’s love life because if they feel captivated by someone they’re dating, they’re not afraid to take a leap of faith to get some answers to their countless curiosities. They’re also not the most practical personality type, and often fail to think about the consequences of their actions before diving right into something new (like cohabiting with you).

It’s also worth noting that ENTPs simply DGAF about traditions, like waiting a year or more to live with a romantic partner. They enjoy shaking things up and pushing boundaries, which includes asking you to move in ASAP.


The Consul is nothing if not extremely focused and goal-oriented, and this certainly comes into play in regards to how they approach relationships. Unlike ENTPs, they are super organized in how their relationships develop and tend to follow established conventions, meaning they definitely won’t rush into becoming roomies until they feel it’s appropriate. They’re far too practical for that. However, if things have been progressing smoothly and quickly, they’ll always follow their heart in pushing things forward. An ESFJ knows what they want, and as long as they’ve determined that their partner is equally invested in the relationship, they’ll feel safe taking the calculated risk of moving in together. That is to say, an ESFJ won’t ask just anyone to move in ASAP. Once they’ve met someone who meets their specific emotional needs, however, they won’t ever hesitate to show their feelings by asking the object of their affection to cross another milestone with them.

ESFJs value stability above almost anything else in love, and deciding to live with their SO is one step that can help them to feel more secure in their relationship. BTW, Consuls make excellent roommates because their top priority is making loved ones feel cared for. So, you can count on them to listen to you vent after a tough workday, grab your go-to binge-watching snack when they’re at the grocery store, or take on some more of the household chores when you’re particularly stressed.



ESFPs just love the rush they get from falling in love, and the instant they start feeling a meaningful connection with someone, they’ll dive headfirst into the romance with reckless abandon. So, it should come as no surprise that they’re one of the personality types who’ll likely ask you to move in ASAP.

The Entertainer is known for not only wearing their heart on their sleeve but also for fully embracing their feelings without fear. As such, they tend to make commitments more quickly than many other personality types. They just don’t know how to take it slow, and sometimes, this can get them into trouble because they fail to set necessary boundaries or take precautionary steps before charging into serious territory.

Thanks to their Perceiving preference, the ESFP is not really a long-term planner — they prefer to live in the moment. And because they’re often so focused on the instant gratification of moving in with you, they’ll neglect to think about some of the potential challenges that may come with that. Bold, free-spirited, and full of optimism, the ESFP is never afraid to step out of their comfort zone, even in the early stages of dating someone new. While they may be impulsive AF,

ESFPs can get along with just about anyone. That means even if they start living with a partner a little too soon, they can probably find a way to maintain a peaceful environment while getting to know each other’s habits and quirks.