The Myers-Briggs personality types who prefer casual dating tend to be Extroverted Perceivers.
3 Personality Types Who Always Prefer Casual Dating, So Keep It Light


There’s one simple truth that every modern-day dater must accept in order to find romantic happiness: Not everyone wants a serious relationship. And guess what? That’s totally OK. Some people would just rather keep it light and breezy — either because they’re super busy, focused on their career or other priorities, or want to see multiple people at once to figure out what’s important to them. In fact, there are specific Myers-Briggs personality types who prefer casual dating, and being aware of them can eliminate some of the stressful guesswork while you're swiping away on your app of choice.

How is knowing these types helpful? Say you're looking for a long-term committed relationship. If you can decipher someone’s personality type, or better yet, they can tell you their type flat out, then you may have an easier time detecting whether you have the same romantic goals. Or, if you prefer casual dating yourself, then it’s obviously advantageous to know which personality types are on the same page as you in that regard.

Every individual is unique, of course, and their personality type can’t dictate with total certainty how they feel about casual dating. That said, certain traits can make someone more likely to seek out these kinds of romantic experiences. For example, Perceivers have a tendency to prefer casual dating, because they value their freedom and personal space immensely.

So, whether you’re single and eager to mingle with equally laid-back daters, or seeking a long-term romantic partner, note that these Myers-Briggs types may be more apt to keep it casual.


If there’s one thing that can be said about The Entrepreneur, it’s this: They are on a constant hunt for excitement. So, it makes sense that casual dating might be the preferred approach for an adventurous, sometimes impatient ESTP. Because it allows them to continually re-live the thrill of meeting and connecting with someone new. And as an Extrovert with serious social skills, the ESTP certainly has no trouble doing that.

This type also has a preference for Perceiving, which means they’d rather keep their options open then get locked down into set plans. And their Sensing preference indicates that they like to live in the moment. Casual dating appeals to both of these sensibilities by allowing them to be as flexible and spontaneous as possible.

For some people, a feeling of love and emotional bonding is a key component of sex — but that’s not always the case for ESTPs. That’s another reason why they might have an easier time engaging in casual hookups without getting attached. They can enjoy it for what it is — a pleasurable, fun experience — without necessarily needing or wanting more from it. (And BTW — due to their constant quest for novelty, hookups with this type will likely never be boring.)


The Entertainer isn’t one to plan out their relationship goals. They’re more likely to “wing it,” jumping at whatever opportunity presents itself. And if there’s one thing that freaks the ESFP out, it’s #FOMO. They simply don’t like to be boxed in — and casual dating ensures that they never feel that way.

Free-spirited and fun-loving, the ESFP brings boundless energy to their relationships. But they may be more likely to break things off as soon as the excitement wears off. It’s not that they’re never willing to work on things, but rather, that they must be in a relationship with someone who’s equally open-minded, affectionate, and enthusiastic to be inspired to put in that effort. In other words, they can only thrive in a relationship in which they don’t feel trapped.

The bottom line is, an ESFP might eventually pursue a serious relationship — but they typically aren’t in any rush to settle down.


Variety is the spice of life for ENTPs, who are energized and motivated by exploring every possibility at their disposal in any given scenario. They are also inherently curious by nature, and casual dating frees them up to indulge that trait to the max.

Open-minded and innovative, the ENTP enjoys pushing boundaries and defying traditions — including where relationships are concerned. And dating around supports their continual efforts to better themselves, because it allows them to learn as much as possible from a wide variety of romantic experiences.

Let’s be clear: None of this means that The Debater never wants a serious relationship. However, it’s not until they feel a powerful connection with someone who honors their need for lots of independence, and who challenges them to grow, that they may be willing to commit. Until then, an ENTP would probably rather play the field and see what’s out there.