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3 Personality Types Who Make The Most Loyal Partners, So No Worries


As far as desirable qualities in a committed partner go, loyalty is typically up there with honesty and kindness. But how can you tell if someone is going to stick by you, no matter what? As it turns out, their personality may offer some valuable insight on that front. The Myers-Briggs personality types who make the most loyal partners are the ones who place a high value on their personal relationships are driven by a feeling of responsibility, and who have a strong ethical and moral code informed by long-standing traditions.

Interestingly, the personality types who tend to be the most loyal have a few specific traits in common, too. For example, they are often Judgers, which means they prefer to approach their lives with structure and planning to create a sense of predictability (as opposed to Perceivers, who prefer to keep their options open). Controlled and decisive, Judgers are more likely to stick to their guns on fidelity if they’ve decided to commit to someone, whereas a flexible and carefree Perceiver may be more inclined to “wing it” when temptation comes along.

Looking for a partner who’s loyal AF? Note that these types are known for being faithful by nature.


Direct, honest, and dependable to the max, The Logistician is not someone to break a commitment or go back on their word. That’s because their decisions are fueled by a powerful sense of integrity, and they’re dedicated to standing by their beliefs and doing what they feel is “right.”

An ISTJ is laser-focused in almost every area of their life, and since they have an impressive ability to avoid getting distracted or sidetracked, you can rest assured that they won’t give in to temptation whenever an attractive person walks by at a bar or pops up on their Instagram feed. Besides, they’re super organized and future-minded, so they’d much rather stay the course with one partner long term then indulge in an array of random hookups.

The bottom line is, loyalty is one of the most important qualities that ISTJs look for in a partner because it’s something they pride themselves on as well. Just keep in mind that ISTJs aren’t likely to express their loyalty verbally — they’re far more likely to show it through their actions.


You might say loyalty is The Defender’s middle name. It has something to do with their inherently considerate, disciplined, and deliberate nature.

There’s a reason why ISFJs are known as The Defenders, too: They cherish their personal relationships so much that they’ll do anything to protect their loved ones.

That said, it’s worth noting that ISFJs are pretty shy and private, too, which means it can take some time for them to build up enough trust to get serious. But once an ISFJ has decided to pursue a relationship with you, you can count on them to be faithful. That's because they don't take their commitments lightly.


The Consul is dead set on fostering lasting connections — so impulsive hookups and quick thrills, in general, aren’t really their thing. So, when an ESFJ has found a partner who they see long-term potential with, they’ll stay fiercely loyal no matter what.

ESFJs tend to put their loved ones above work or anything else. In fact, this personality type is prone to putting their partner’s needs and desires above their own, which makes it unlikely that they would be unfaithful. The Consul also values security and harmony, so it makes sense why they would avoid any situations that would compromise their SO’s trust. This personality type is both tradition-minded and service-minded, and being a reliable partner is something they perceive as an immensely important duty. If you date an ESFJ, you can expect to be showered with support and devotion — and you should be prepared to offer the same in return.

Just to be clear — other personality types aren't hard-wired to be cheaters, and loyalty can mean different things to different people. Some types simply don’t like to conform to society’s standards or “rules,” some place a high value on new experiences, and some crave autonomy and freedom in their relationships. That said, if you're looking for a ride-or-die bae, definitely keep a lookout for these inherently loyal three types.