The Myers-Briggs personality types who are thoughtful and considerate just may make you breakfast in...
3 Personality Types Who Will Make You Breakfast In The Morning


Honestly, who doesn't want a nurturing partner — you know, the type to send you the perfect meme to cheer you up on a crummy Monday, or buy you your favorite fro-yo just because they know you're struggling? While every personality can be caring and considerate in their own unique ways, the Myers-Briggs personality types who are thoughtful to the core may just blow you away with their frequent romantic gestures.

While both Introverts and Extroverts as well as Sensors and Intuitives seem to have the capacity for this quality, many of the most thoughtful personality types share two preferences: Feeling and Judging. And it totally makes sense, too: The FJ Myers-Briggs types can quickly and easily detect the needs of others, and not only that, but they feel a deep sense of responsibility to try and fulfill those needs. Basically, they're always trying to figure out how to make you feel more comfortable, content, and loved.

So, whether you're wondering where your current significant other falls on the spectrum of thoughtfulness or actively seeking out a partner who possesses this strength, you'll definitely want to keep the following types in mind. Not only are they sure to show you how much they care, but better yet, they'll do so in ways you'd never expect, like bringing you breakfast in bed or making you a playlist to boost your spirits.


Helping others is kind of The Advocate's main mission in life, and that's why this personality type so often ends up involved in charity work. The insightful and altruistic INFJ doesn't take their relationships for granted, which means they're always putting in lots of effort to ensure that their partner feels appreciated. They love surprising the object of their affection, and since they take so much time to get to know the person they're dating, they're able to tailor their efforts to their partner's needs and preferences.

Even though they have a Judging preference, INFJs have a slight tendency toward spontaneity, but it's always grounded in practicality. So, if they surprise you by planning a last-minute trip to see your fam, it's because they know for a fact that you're dying for some time with them.

Best of all, as a warm and compassionate Feeler, The Advocate is never afraid to show their love, so you're never likely to stop feeling it. They have a certain enthusiasm when it comes to their relationships that allows them to impress their partners again and again.


The Consul is a nurturing, devoted partner — essentially, they're a born caregiver. In fact, this personality type can sometimes be a bit too selfless, neglecting their own needs when they always put their partner's first.

But what makes the ESFJ shine is their ability to predict your needs before you even know them yourself. When you're too tired to cook, you won't even have to say it — they'll have already ordered takeout. When you're in dire need of some TLC, they'll have already booked you a massage (or be giving you one themselves).

The ESFJ's dominant function, Extraverted Feeling, means they make super attentive and empathetic partners. So, if you're dating this personality type, consider yourself #blessed.


The Defender thrives on giving to others, especially their SO. Dedicated, responsible, and tad perfectionistic, the ISFJ's love language is typically acts of service. So, while they may not always find it easy to express their love and devotion verbally, you can bet they'll show you through their actions. They love doing anything they can to make their partner's life easier, whether that means doing your laundry when you're too busy studying for exams, or packing you lunch when you wake up late for work.

But perhaps the ISFJ's best trait is their ability to retain every little detail you tell them, and then use that information to shower you with thoughtful gifts, or offer you practical help when you need it most. If you casually mention to an ISFJ that you've always wanted to see Lizzo in concert, they'll probably surprise you with tickets when she comes to town months down the line. Their sharp memory and attention to detail are just that good.