Heads Up — These 3 Personality Types Are Legit The Worst Texters


Texting is a valuable skill in today's world — and it's one that definitely comes in handy when it comes to dating. Unfortunately, honing that skill just isn't high on everyone's priority list. While some wouldn't dream of not responding promptly, others might take hours or even days to get back to you — but don't take it personally. There are, in fact, certain Myers-Briggs personality who are bad texters all around. It's not that they don't like hearing from you or don't care what you have to say. It's just that engaging in back and forth digital banter straight up isn't their thing.

Each preference in the Myers-Briggs type indicator can have an impact on someone's texting style, too. Since Extraverts get their energy from interacting with others, they may be more inclined to initiate a text convo or keep it rolling than Introverts. Sensors usually keep their texts to the point, whereas Intuitives may want to dive deep into interpretations and abstract ideas. Thinkers tend to use texting as a practical way to exchange information and straightforward details, whereas Feelers use texting as another channel for interpreting and empathizing with their parter's emotions. Lastly, Judgers value structure while Perceivers prefer not to be confined to any rules, meaning that the latter often flies by the seat of their pants — including where texting is concerned.

So, wondering why your date is taking ages to get back to you? If they're one of the following personality types, it's probably just in their nature.


There’s a legit reason why this personality type is known as The Dynamo — the ESTP is full of passion and energy, and they bring that infectious fire with them wherever they go. All that said, they’re also a bit unpredictable when it comes to romantic relationships. That’s because the ESTP is easily distracted and somewhat impatient. As a doer through and through, they’d much rather be participating in an activity or adventure hands-on than talking about it. I’ll put it this way: Want to go on an impromptu road trip? An ESTP will gladly join you... just don’t expect them to plot out the whole itinerary with you over text.

Thanks to their Perceiving preference, this personality type definitely lives in the moment — which means that if something more exciting is holding their attention, they may forget to respond to you. It’s not personal, it’s just that they’re so focused on the present that they neglect to think about the future consequences of their actions.

As long as you can accept their relentless thrill-seeking ways and allow them their freedom, they can make phenomenal partners. At the very least, you can rest assured that when they take forever to text you back, they’re not playing mind games with you. The ESTP is as direct and honest as can be, so what you see is what you get.


Here’s the thing about The Virtuoso: These ultra-creative introverts can get easily lost in their latest project or hobby, so if they leave you on read, it’s likely because they’re just in the zone and either don’t see your messages or forget about them. As Perceivers, they prefer to go with the flow, so it may be a bit of a struggle at times to pin down a concrete plan with them over text.

Another thing that’s super important to know about ISTPs is that they need a whole lot of personal space — and that can come into play in their texting habits. If they’re unwinding after an exhausting night of networking or a long day of interacting people at work, they’re far less likely to engage in a text convo than if they’re feeling rejuvenated after spending some time alone. Virtuosos are notoriously somewhat private when it comes to the personal details of their life, so they probably won’t want to dive into deep, revealing discussions over text. All that said, if you need a practical solution to a problem or you're in an urgent bind, you can pretty much always rely on an ISTP to pull through and text you ASAP.


There are lots of perks to dating The Entertainer. These social, fun-loving creatures have grade-A people skills, and they never run out of things to talk about. Given these facts, you’d expect them to be great at texting — but that’s simply not the case. Like the ESTP, this personality type is a pleasure-seeker who’s far more interested in enjoying what’s going on around them than engaging in a digital conversation. Both distractible and a bit impulsive, they have a tendency to completely blank on their obligations and duties (and sometimes that includes responding to your messages).

An ESFP is unlikely to talk about long-term plans or weighty topics over text — the way to keep them engaged and excited is to stick with playful, lighthearted subjects. While the ESFP may be unfocused at times (and TBH, kind of a bad texter) they are warm-hearted to the core. They’re also ultra observant, and sensitive to others’ feelings. So, if they’re slacking on the texting front and it’s really bugging you, don’t hesitate to share that with them. Just don’t do it over text — they’ll have an easier time giving you their full attention and empathy in person.