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These 3 Mischievous Zodiac Signs Prefer Tricks Over Treats On Halloween

by Valerie Mesa

Tricks or treats? Sounds cliché, especially with Halloween around the corner, but have you ever wondered which of the two suits you most? All Hallow's Eve is always incredibly spooky and festive, but everyone's different. However, these are the three funny zodiac signs who prefer tricks over treats on Halloween , and it's because they're naturally mischievous at heart: Gemini, Leo, and Aquarius.

Despite how fun it can be to dress up and costume watch with your besties, Halloween really isn't for everyone. To each their own, but you'd be surprised to learn some people are totally spooked out by this festive holiday. I kinda get it, though. It's the same thing with horror movies; not everyone can handle the chilling visuals, not to mention the spine-tingling soundtrack that comes with them.

I personally love Halloween TV more than the holiday itself, if that makes sense. I love scary movies and I enjoy marathon-watching silly flicks like Disney's Halloweentown. I also really enjoy the process of getting in character and doing my makeup. However, I will admit, after a few hours in costume, I'm ready to hop into my pajamas.

For Gemini, Leo and Aquarius, however, they can't get enough of the Halloween shenanigans:


Gemini: They're Tricksters Without Even Trying

Did someone say tricks? Ruled by the curious messenger planet Mercury, a Gemini's main thrill in life revolves around their natural-born mischief. Although, I will say, their ultra-clever mind has everything to do with this, considering they're one of the most sarcastic in the entire zodiac. Gemini needs to be mentally stimulated on the regular, which is why they're always up for a little fun. It also doesn't help that they're brilliant at stretching the truth, too. A Gemini's many faces make it easy to disguise. However, this air sign needs to see to believe, so don't bother trying to scare them with spooky ghost stories. They won't buy it.

Leo: They Love To Play And Have A Good Time

Who will win the most epic costume award this year? TBH, this would probably be between Leo and Aries; although, Aries typically goes all in with the bloody face paint. Nevertheless, despite their glamorous disposition, Leos are big kids at heart. Adorably childlike and playful, this fixed fire sign will do anything to have a little fun, especially when children are around. They know a thing or two about laughing until their stomach hurts, and they'll stop at nothing to do the same for their loved ones. However, don't try catching this adorable lion off guard. If you hurt their pride, there's no going back. There will be Halloween tantrums galore and then some.

Aquarius: Their Dry Humor Is Hysterical


The zodiac rebel is in the building, y'all. While an Aquarius will stop at nothing to help someone who's in need, this fixed air sign can also be incredibly passive-aggressive. That means they can easily sit back and enjoy getting a rise out of someone — just for fun — without even flinching once. Their sense of humor is like no other, and they will travel great lengths to accomplish their mission. Think you can catch a devious Aquarius off guard? Good luck.