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These Captions For NYE 2020 Will Bring On The Good Times & Vibes

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When you wrote down your resolutions for 2020, you had no idea how the world would change. The past 12 months or so have been very unexpected, but they've also been inspiring at times and a solid foundation for the good that can be created in 2021. So, use these New Year's Eve 2020 Instagram captions on pics you take with your quarantine crew to manifest the good times and vibes.

You've probably already set up an Instagram backdrop in your backyard or living room once or twice this year to snag new #content. But, no at-home photoshoot will compare to this one that's both sparkly and filled with good vibes. With the help of huge balloons, confetti, streamers, kazoos, and the best New Year's Eve 2020 captions, your Instagram posts can still be out of this world, even though you're celebrating in the safety of your own home with your immediate household, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advised in a New Year's Eve update on Dec. 28, 2020.

You'll still be having an awesome time snapping away and editing your pics so the highlights pop and the edges look like the product of an aesthetically-pleasing film camera. In the Lightroom app, you might even crop your photo a bit, too, so your followers focus on all the props and details.

Use your New Year's Eve content to manifest what you want out of 2021. Look at it as an opportunity to wave goodbye to the past months of tie-dye sweatsuits, banana breads, lots of TikTok dances, and Tiger King, and hello to new memories that are right around the corner. These captions for New Year's Eve 2020 will help you out and put some good times on the horizon.

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1. "I have my sights set on 2021."

2. "Better times are ahead."

3. "2021 already feels so happy and bright."

4. "Here's to more sunset strolls and less banana bread."

5. "I've learned to be excited about the little things this year."

6. "Dancing my way into 2021 because I'm a TikTok star now."

7. "New beginnings, please."

8. "And somehow, I'm still dreaming."

9. "Cheers to you, me, and more nights at home watching movies."

10. "Let's take a collective deep breath, because we did it."

11. "The fun stuff is happening soon, right?"

12. "Get in. We're going to see what's good in 2021."

13. "Make way for my dreams."

14. "Not all goodbyes are sad."

15. "Goodbye, 2020. Don't text or call me."

16. "More than ready for 2021..."

17. "Throwing glitter in 2020's face all night long."

18. "I'll take one prosecco and one new year."

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19. "After this year, I know I can do anything."

20. "You live, learn, and leave the bad vibes behind."

21. "Welcoming 2021 with my quarantine crew."

22. "Dear, 2021. Please be filled with rainbows and sunshine."

23. "Hoping for the best, because why not?"

24. "Taking this new year one day at a time."

25. "On to the next one..."

26. "2020 woke up every day and chose chaos."

27. "Feeling lucky and hopeful right about now."

28. "This won't be the last time you see pics from a photoshoot in my living room."