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Here's How To Make Your New Year's Eve At Home Sparkle & Shine

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Get your chilled bubbly and champagne flutes ready, because a brand new year is on its way. Holiday decorating and shopping make this festive time of year fly by, and before too long, it will be New Year's Eve. Even though your celebration will be small and kept to just your quarantine crew this year to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, it's time to start planning your festivities now. Staying safe is the number one priority, and these New Year's Eve at home ideas are sure to make your night sparkle and shine.

This might be the first year in quite some time that you're not going out to a bar or a party with all your friends, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Like many major life celebrations and holidays this year, you're revamping your traditions, and that's what these New Year's Eve at home ideas are here for. You can still pop bottles and shower yourself with confetti, but this time, you'll have your very own champagne bar (if you're 21 or up) and DIY confetti poppers. Instead of a DJ playing music, you and your roomies can put together a killer playlist of your fave hits from the year. You might even break out some dance moves together that you picked up from TikTok.

Don't forget to snap a few pics to post on the 'gram in your very own photo booth, and make wishes for your friends and family in the new year. Even though you're staying put, you still have the power to make this the most epic New Year's Eve yet.

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Put Together A Build-Your-Own Champagne Cocktail Bar
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Why just pop a bottle of champagne when you can put together an Instagram-worthy champagne cocktail bar? Set up a build-your-own drink bar in your living room. Include bowls of fruit, different juices, and sparkly edible prism powder ($14, Fancy Sprinkles), so your household crew can mix together a champagne cocktail of their own creation.

Arrange A Fancy Lobster Dinner By The Fireplace

If it's just you and your partner this year, plan a romantic dinner that'll be one for the books. Get a RTIC Cooler with a lobster roll kit ($240, Get Maine Lobster) and enjoy it together on New Year's Eve. Set up a cute living room table by the fireplace. You can even rent an Insta-worthy tablescape from Social Studies so you have all the dishes and candlesticks you need for a truly romantic setup.

Put Together A Roundup Party Playlist With Songs From This Year

Collaborate with your quarantine crew on a 2020 year in review playlist. Include all the new songs you discovered on TikTok, and the throwback faves that got you through the year. Your playlist will be your DJ during the party, so you have more time dancing in the living room and showing off the TikTok choreography you remember.

Dress Up Like You're Going Out, But With Matching Slippers

New Year's Eve has always been a great excuse to wear a sparkly dress or stunning jumpsuit. Even though you're celebrating at home this year, that shouldn't be a reason to stop showing off your fashion sense.

Dress up like you're going out for a grand night on the town, but make it cozy, too. Instead of your Cinderella glass slippers, wear some matching glitter slippers instead ($27, Old Navy). Or, if you're going for an all-pink look, rock a fluffy pair of pink slippers ($65, BEARPAW) to complete the vibe. Just think of the Instagram picture possibilities and creative captions, like, "Lost my slipper just like Cinderella."

Write Down Your New Year's Wishes

Start the new year on a positive note by setting yourself up for success. Write down all your new year's wishes, because the first step is putting it out into the universe. Either put together a box to store all your wishes to read at the end of the year, or have everyone jot their wishes down on Post-it notes for a wishes wall.

DIY Your Very Own Balloon Drop For Midnight
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When the clock strikes midnight, make it a memorable moment by having a balloon drop ready. It's actually easier than you think to set up a DIY balloon drop in your living room. Just make sure you have your camera ready for some super cute balloon boomerangs and selfies.

Set Up A Photo Booth In One Corner For Instas

It wouldn't be a NYE party without a photo booth. In a corner of your home, set up an Insta-worthy backdrop and ring light for taking selfies. Either get a metallic fringe curtain ($10, Party City) to hang up, or build your very own balloon wall. Don't forget the props for your photo booth ($13, Etsy) to make your pics extra fun.

Get Your Craft On With Some DIY NYE Headbands

You're used to seeing those New Year's Eve headbands every year, but since you've got a small crew, you might not necessarily want to buy a whole pack. Instead, DIY your very own NYE headband. Get some silver tinsel ($5, Michaels) and rhinestones ($16, Michaels) to glue onto any plain headband you have at home. Follow a NYE headband tutorial if you need extra inspo.

Play A 2020 Charades Game

When you're not dancing around or drinking delicious cocktails, play a few games with your housemates. One fun idea is to play a round of 2020 charades. Put memorable moments, TV shows, or celebrities from this past year on pieces of paper. It can be popular shows like Emily in Paris or Schitt's Creek, or TikTok stars like Charli D'Amelio. Then, play a few rounds of charades.

Make Your Own Party Poppers For Midnight

NYE and confetti go together like PB and J. Instead of buying a bunch of party poppers, make your own. You don't need an excuse to get your craft on. Simply follow a confetti popper tutorial on YouTube or put confetti in some balloons to pop at midnight. Either way, be ready for confetti selfies when the clock strikes 12 a.m.

Decorate Your Home With Sparkles And Lights

Make sure to set the stage for a night to remember. Decorate your entire home with string lights, sparkly balloons ($4, Party City), and golden accents everywhere. The more you decorate, the more your home will feel like a real party space.