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Here's How To Make Your Christmas Cozy If You're Not At Home With Your Family

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Feel free to nix "I'll Be Home For Christmas" from your holiday playlist, because this year, you're staying put. With safety being the number one priority during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, you've decided to not travel home for the holidays to see your family. You may have virtual celebrations lined up to keep those precious traditions going, but you're wondering how to have a cozy Christmas if you're not at home with your family this year.

Just know that you're not alone. It's crucial to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggestions and take the necessary precautions to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. It is recommended to not travel, and to celebrate with only your housemates to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. You can always plan a Christmas at a later date during the year or go big to make up for it at home next year. You can still make the best of this year and have a cozy Christmas in your home away from home this year.

This might be your first time celebrating by yourself, which just means it's time to be creative with new traditions. Get yourself some cute Christmas PJs to rock around the house, and decorate your place with tons of white lights to make it festive. Make yourself a Christmas movie checklist that you can cross off every night while treating yourself to some holiday snacks on an Insta-worthy charcuterie board. There are so many ways to make this time of year magical even if you're riding solo, so be sure to add these 11 cozy Christmas ideas to your agenda ASAP for jolly good fun.

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Get Festive Christmas PJs To Wear Around The House
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The easiest way to get cozy for Christmas is with some brand new, festive PJs. Treat yourself to adorable holiday loungewear to wear all day long. You can either go the traditional flannel pajama ($30, Uniqlo) route, or get a fun throwback like a Mickey Mouse onesie ($40, ShopDisney) that even has a matching outfit ($15, ShopDisney) for your pooch. PJs pair with cozy Christmas vibes just like peanut butter goes with jelly.

Make Your Own Hot Chocolate Bombs For DIY Fun

This year, regular hot chocolate is out and hot cocoa bombs are in. The viral food trend seen all over TikTok is just what you need to make at home for a cozy treat. Get a silicone mold ($28, Amazon), some chocolate, and hot cocoa mix to DIY your very own hot cocoa bombs. You can even get as creative as you want by adding extra sprinkles, mini marshmallows, or crushed-up candy canes to your mix. Not to mention, the possibilities for Instagram are endless.

Make Your Own Pamper Advent Calendar For The Remaining Days Till Christmas

Advent calendars are an amazing way to get in the holiday spirit. It gives you something fun to look forward to each day, so put together your very own "remaining days till Christmas" advent calendar.

Plan out different ways to treat yourself, whether it's baking cookies, trying a holiday wine, or FaceTiming everyone you would normally celebrate the season with in person. Write each of these things on a piece of paper, and pull one out a day. Whatever's on your paper, you have to do.

Create A Blanket Igloo In Your Living Room For Chillin'

Instead of a fort, build yourself a blanket igloo in the living room. Make sure it's a cozy oasis with tons of pillows, fluffy blankets, and string lights. Inside your igloo, you can read a holiday novel, catch up on TV shows, or just listen to Christmas music while relaxing.

Create The Ultimate Christmas Movie Checklist With Themed Snacks

From holiday classics to TV rom-coms, there are so many Christmas movies to watch this time of year. Create a holiday movie checklist that you have to check off each night. That means you have to watch at least one holiday movie a day.

Make it as festive as possible by planning a themed charcuterie board for each movie. Or, coordinate watching a movie the same night your bestie watches the same one, then gab about it together on the phone.

For The Grinch, enjoy green veggies and mini roast beast sandwiches. If you're watching Elf, make some maple syrup and candy cane cookies. Don't forget to rock a Santa hat.

Send Out Heartfelt Holiday Cards To All Your Friends
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There's nothing cozier than receiving a handwritten letter in the mail. This is the year to send out holiday cards to all your friends and family. Get some festive greeting cards ($5, Rifle Paper Co.) or make your own. Then, send out a "Merry Christmas" to everyone on your list. You never know, you might receive tons of love in return.

Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas With Cozy Candles

Don't just stop at making your home look festive, add some scents to make it feel every bit of a winter wonderland as well. Treat yourself to some Christmas candles. For a cottagecore feel, go with a more pine-scented candle ($34, Grow Fragrance). If you'd rather be sweet as can be, go with a peppermint one ($14, DW Home).

Hang Up Lights All Over Your Home

When it comes to lights, don't stop at your tree. Cover your home in string lights hung from the ceiling, wrapped around your headboard, and surrounding every doorway. With tons of lights, your holidays are sure to feel merry and bright.

Cook A Nostalgia-Filled Christmas Dinner

If you're used to a home cooked meal on Christmas, make sure to keep that tradition alive. Prepare a feast filled with all your favorite dishes. Add in some childhood faves like mashed potatoes and creamy mac 'n' cheese that will really take you back home at heart. And the leftovers will be awesome, too.

Ditch The Screen Time For Some Relaxing Projects

Give yourself a little break from your phone. You don't want scrolling through Insta to make you miss your family. Instead, start a few relaxing projects. Challenge yourself to a holiday puzzle while listening to Christmas music ($7, Amazon). Or, get your craft on by making a DIY wreath to hang up.

Play Some Virtual Games With Your Family

Just because you're not physically with your family, that doesn't mean you can't still spend some quality time together. Plan a virtual game night over Zoom. Play some games on Jackbox or be the host to some family trivia. You could even put together a white elephant exchange for lots of fun and gifts.

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